If you will play Black and White world with me
up here I am safe you see? you see!
…. cause of the line?
up here I will call “what will be”
where freedom is tethered not me…not me

if we were countries the lines would be borders
we could build armies! and great walls with mortar!
yes now with the lines there can be war!
yes weapons for peace keeping loving and more!

Oh my, how I love this line geo-ME-try!
along the equation of xy – me

I am putting a line here below

in truth a line
is honored by grace

I am putting a line here above

If you will play Black and White world with me
down here was before you see? you see!
….cause of the line?
down here where we went – I call “the past”
where mystery enchanted and first became last

if we were spirits we would see through the folly
petals from flowers…she loves me by golly!
we could make lines…one here and one there
criss-crossing, bisecting, moist lines and bare!

oh my, how I love this line fil-I-gree!
swirling, converging to sub-max-ill-ary!

Where You Are


quiet still far away
in a breath
u kneel to prey
lightening flickers
off far away
that’s where you are
far away
do you hear it thunder
do you feel it rain
where you are

storm!, hail!, rain!
down on me
blow!, blow!, ye winds
like a memory
of a real old song
the kind that makes you laugh
at what used to be


"HAIR" Peace – Love – Freedom – Happiness

Well…in the previous post I warned you about flashbacks from seeing the “Hair” for the first time in 30 some years. I made a movie about the event called. Mentors – Hair – Love!

It was such a great feeling of passing – the torch….or joint….or moon in the 7th house – from a former generation to my generation to a whole new generation who have much prettier naked bodies than mine:)

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"Hair" – A prophesy????

I went to a production of “Hair” at the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse last night. I must say I was having a serious case of “flashbacks”. I was attending a theatre alumni reunion and sitting amongst people I performed with over 30 years ago when the show was on Broadway. I lived in New York during the filming of the movie and watched the singing of “Frank Mills in front of the Waverly”, in Greenwich village.

The most interesting, unexpected moment of the night was at the end of the the song with the lyrics posted below. Look at the final line. The full house laughed, got fuzzy, and applauded. Wow!


I’m a
Colored spade
A nigger
A black nigger
A jungle bunny
Jigaboo coon
Pickaninny mau mau

Uncle Tom
Aunt Jemima
Little Black Sambo

Cotton pickin’
Swamp guinea
Junk man
Shoeshine boy

Elevator operator
Table cleaner at Horn & Hardart
Slave voodoo
Ubangi lipped

Flat nose
Tap dancin’
Resident of Harlem

And president of
The United States of Love
I said President of
The United States of Love

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All the night long
Hear the song
Flow follow in its tune
O night so still
So calm until
An arrow crossed the moon
The song stopped dead
Approach the bed
Bleed succulent delight
The scent of earth
O toy of birth
Cross bow whetted night
At dawn it lies
Glazed still eyes
Lips parting in amen
Let the kiss
Worth the risk
Sing the song again