Cordwood House

A cordwood house is made of logs that are sawed at lengths of about 18 inches and then motored in a line to form a wall. I built the one below near a river in Wisconsin and I built a poem story to fill in the cracks.

Written in Spring of 2003

on the edge of a river
once flooded in dream
a tickling sprite-muse
charmed a charm scheme

raise up a dwelling
it’s got to be round
biuld it from trees
i’ve left on the ground

mix it with mortor
use earth and straw
toss in a chimney
that has a good draw

five winter’s snowfall
came, come, and blew
ribs broken, blood sweating
dear partner lost too

no presents no surface
for muse reindeer hoofs
the sprite lay a napping
not dreaming a roof

then man and mentor
even older than i
stood in the middle
looked up to the sky

some strong miles later
through snow then spring
the round house of cordwood
was a topped fairy ring

i cannot imagine
some spring yet to be
the muse is a-musing
and not telling me


Continued Winter 2009

the hot summer sun
offered its gift
in July a 4thing
a pink tidal shift

you will leave me now
go on to explore
the spirit that made me
see the edge of the door

the house it knew
my/our time was done
it send me an angel
to say so with fun

new people came
to finish the chore
the circle it scared them
they built square next door

the river has flooded
twice in this scheme
waiting for currents
to float down a dream




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