Forty-seven Paths to Play

The 47 Society is an international interest-group that follows the occurence and recurrence of the quintessential random number: 47. Many suspect that the coincidental nature of 47 carries some mystical, metaphysical and/or scientific significance.

I had no knowledge of this fact before I posted this…

In thirty years of observing hundreds of people working as improvisers I held one question in mind – How do we bridge the gap from the conceptual to the intuitive? (The second “sticky” post on this blog explores this question.The Bridge) You know it when you do it or when you see it. Anxiety melts like so much heated butter as your shoulders unhitch, colors sharpen, and what you are doing or saying is right with the world.

The exploration of Meet Your Playful Self – Improvisation is not about a truth that I know and can state in a book, on a blog, or in a workshop. This work is about a life long journey to locate what was happening just before that intuitive lightening stuck. Can the moment be reproduced? Is there a path, exercise, or tool that can point to or bring down the intuitive lightening like a metal arrow?

The answer is, yes. Many people who have attended workshops or read and practiced the 47 exercises in Meet Your Playful Self have come away with new insights, perceptions and a playfulness that have changed their whole approach to living the moments of life.

No matter your age, sex, occupation, race, or if you want to perform or not, you can become a more playful person. The paths are available in workshops and the book: Meet Your Playful Self.

In order to find your playful self I am out to convince you that:

Words are far less important in communication than you may think.
When you believe you are listening – you are probably not listening.
When you are trying to be funny – you are not funny.

The Collective We

I hail and honor the presence and contribution of all those I have worked with and think of them as part of a playful organism spanning time and place or as a collective we. The voices of the late Chris Farley, Joan Cusack, and hundreds of other entertainment professionals join in this collective we.

For the past two years I have wanted to post an on-line series of videos showing people in a workshop as they do the exercises for the first time. The opportunity came last Spring when I toured a play and performed in the town where I was born and raised, and offered to lead a workshop at Independence High School. (See The Little Tour post) I asked the students if they would be willing to help do a video at the local studio Trempealeau County Community TV, and they agreed. It was aired on the local cable channel and I got a copy of the show and edited it into the segments that became the realization of a wish as I posted an on-line view of some of the paths to meeting your playful self. It is called The Virtual Workshop.

Enjoy Yourself!


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