YES…I will…I can…Y'all…is more

Here is a voice that resonated with Meeting Your Playful Self at Improvisation for Everyone. Sound familiar? Visit the site to see the videos demonstrating exercises and tools for improvising that can improv and improve your life.

My Two Cents – an excerpt from the book Meet Your Playful Self.

The readiness is all

So, yes…and…is not only an early exercise in the pathways to an intuitive place and creation of an improvised scene, but a metaphor for the work itself.

Meeting your playful self is exercising your inner impulse, responding in immediacy or moving into the intuitive. This playful new place is at odds with the logic of your life and the piece-by-piece structure of your identity so carefully built over the course of a life time. Is it surprising that you should feel some resistance in going there? Why would you want to leap into a place that has little to offer to all you have built so logically?

A good answer is: because your playful self IS playful – that is the very reason why you want to take the leap. You find release and move away from your logical identity and into a place that is free of the editor. You experience a rush of freedom as you shift away from the judgments and constructs which narrow your point of view and deny your acceptance of what is happening right now. We listen to an observation statement and reject the editor, and say yes… and… then fill it in with playful words. In the process we discover that we have a fullness and possibility far greater than we have created with the editor of pure logic.

We learn that the leap is not easy, the resistance is tough as old gum, but we are ready to say yes…and… We are ready to peek into …what? – inner impulse, responding in immediacy and our playful self.

We have run up to play – with ball in hand.

Meet Your Playful Self


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