Looking for help in all the Wrong Places

You see the posters, and fliers in all the restaurants, convenience stores, and community centers, and you see them all the time. Not a week goes by when you don’t see a poster for yet another benefit to ask for help for a loved one who is deathly ill and can’t afford further treatment. Sometimes you even see an “update” note of the current condition of the person. It is really heartbreaking to read the specific and personal messages.

Yet, if you drive around the county roads and byways you can’t miss the dominating presence of signs to vote for this Republican or that in the same people’s yards, windows, and bumpers. These are the same people who call the health care bill “Obamacare” and want the bill repealed.

I just don’t get it. Really, I just don’t get it.

Meet Your Playful Self

Playful People of ARK – Kohl Miner

They did not view the Ark as a place to be taught but came with the excitement of children at Christmas. They arrived with an expectation to play and experience in a carnival of creative possibility – that is really what Ark offered. Little did they know they were learning at the same time.

Time seems to separate us, one from the other, yet there is joy in spirit that is eternal. So, from time to time I want to share the workings and wanderings of some playful people who sailed for some years at the Ark Improvisational Theatre.

Kohl Miner Kohl Miner is a poet, playwright, performer and native of the Ho-Chunk Nation. In the 1980s and ’90s, he performed with In the Heart of the Beast and produced a number of solo works here before experimenting with life in New York and Los Angeles. He returned to Minneapolis earlier this year and picked up right where he left off, writing, performing and dabbling in other creative pursuits. 3-Minute Egg catches up with Miner at the Equilibrium spoken word series at The Loft Literary Center.

He is performing in “Master Butchers Singing Club” at the Guthrie Theatre – Minneapolis.
by Marsha Norman
based upon the novel by Louise Erdrich
developed and directed by Francesca Zambello

Adapted for the stage by Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist Marsha Norman from the best-selling novel by Louise Erdrich, The Master Butchers Singing Club chronicles the intersecting lives of German immigrant and butcher Fidelis and sideshow performer Delphine as they settle into the small town of Argus, North Dakota. READ more

Meet Your Playful Self