Playful People – Ark – Andy Moore & Rob Dz Franklin

They did not view the Ark as a place to be taught but came with the excitement of children at Christmas. They arrived with an expectation to play and experience in a carnival of creative possibility – that is really what Ark offered. Little did they know they were learning at the same time.

Time seems to separate us, one from the other, yet there is joy in spirit that is eternal. So, from time to time I want to share the workings and wanderings of some playful people who sailed for some years at the Ark Improvisational Theatre.

Andy Moore – Rob DZ Franklin

Andy was at the Ark in the days when we moved into the building on Basset St. in Madison. (Now the Wash Basket).

Rob was in the Arktoo company that performed at the Liquid Lyric Lounge on Park St. Read and Hear more about Rob on My Space.

Here time and circumstance brought them together on Andy’s great show – The 30 Minute Music Hour – don’t miss it.

Air time and featured Artists

Madison/Beloit-based rapper Rob Dz creates hip-hop with a heart of gold. Rich production, provocative rhymes, and glorious effects blend, all fueled with the artist’s passion for life and justice.

30-Minute Music Hour

In response to the thriving independent music scene, 30-MMH offers a free-form stage where artists from around the state and country perform music that might otherwise go unheard. “Colonel” Andy Moore hosts.

Today, Andy Moore, producer of Here & Now on WPT, joins “Be more Tuned In” as a guest voice to talk about an exciting upcoming program production.

Meet Your Playful Self


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