Playful People – Ark – Joan Cusack

They did not view the Ark as a place to be taught but came with the excitement of children at Christmas. They arrived with an expectation to play and experience in a carnival of creative possibility – that is really what Ark offered. Little did they know they were learning at the same time.

Time seems to separate us, one from the other, yet there is joy in spirit that is eternal. So, from time to time I want to share the workings and wanderings of some playful people who sailed for some years at the Ark Improvisational Theatre.

Joan Cusack – Birthday Oct. 11

I last saw Joan at the primer performance of the play written by her late father Dick Cusack “Back Off Barkman”. It was produced by Carl Vitalie and offered as a free performance in a park in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Joan Cusack was born in New York City to an Irish American Catholic family. She was raised in Evanston, Illinois. Her mother, Nancy (née Carolan), is a former mathematics teacher and political activist. Her father, Richard Cusack, as well as her siblings Ann, Bill, John and Susie, have also been actors.

Cusack is an alumna of the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is married to Chicago attorney Dick Burke, with whom she has two sons, Dylan John and Miles. She also owns a home in Three Oaks Township, Michigan.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Locum (#12.1)
Wed. Oct. 6 12:00 AM on USA (That is tonight)

While Benson and Stabler investigate the circumstances behind a foster child’s disappearance, they discover that her overprotective parents are still struggling to cope with the disappearance of another daughter.
Arthur W. Forney
Dick Wolf (creator), Dawn DeNoon
Original Air Date:
22 September 2010

Meet Your Playful Self


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