Whoe Der Deer!

Deer and Mustang Collide!

Never have I seen such a commotion as when dis picture was published right here in da local paper. Da copies just flew off the counters! Dis was no ordinary dear, let me tell ya, dis was a big 300 lb. 26 point buck! Holy Jesus! Da man holding up da head der is married to da woman who was drivin da Mustang dat hit it. Yeah! She is ok, but da Mustang took a dent or two. Not to worry, cause seems da couple has been offer big bucks….I mean cash money! Yah!

Someone offered somewhere’s near $3000 for da right to stuff it up. I mean they had to move it to a secure location for fear of being ripped off. But dat ain’t all! Now, we heard dat Cabellas has offered somewhere near $10,000 to put it in der in store trophy zoo! Dat’s more cash den da Badger Five lottery paid last week!

Someone said, “It’s a good ting it was hit by a car.” Why? “Cause if it was shot, it would have completely blown up someone’s ego.” Yah, I can believe dat, for sure.

Meet Your Playful Self


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