End of Expectations – My playful son

My son Peter started playing drums when he was in middle school. His kit was in the basement. I don’t know how many different layers of padding and insulation I stapled to the walls down there.

There is an “under story” here. Peter is an addict. One of the lucky ones. He has been free and clean of drugs and alcohol for six years proving that one can front a metal band AND be sober. He is active in AA in Seattle and sponsors many young people who are trying to stay clean and sober.

I am VERY proud of him.

Here is his third (or fourth) band since then doing a parody of  “The Office”. I watched it for about a minute before I knew it was him. (Peter is on the one on the left0.

End of Expectations on My Space. Listen or read the lyrics to the “Remembrance”.

Peter wrote an honest and scary account of his drift into addiction called “The California Kid”. It is in draft form at present.

Meet Your Playful Self


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