Check Your Wireless Charges

They are at it again.

Now that Credit Card Companies are finally required to comply with full and clear disclosure all the scam linguists are moving to the wireless market. CHECK YOUR CHARGES. I found a “lobbyistarts” charge for $9.99. Never heard of them. Number disconnected. U.S. Cellar demands payment or will cut service.(7 year customer).

The charge appears on the regular U.S. Cellular statement even though they explain it is a “third party” charge, one that I had no intention of incurring. Do you wonder how the wealthiest 1% of the population earns 21% of every dollar spent in this country?

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Sarah's MAP – In the Cross Hairs

I posted the picture above in my status window on face book with statement:

Sarah Palin’s Map (I highlighted the circle of the shooting)

This is the dialogue exchanged with one responder over the course of a couple of  hours.

Response – What do you think she had to do with the shooting??????
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Dennis Kern – I said nothing about her involvement. Just posted the map from her web site. Why do you ask?
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Response – You;ve connected the two in your posting.
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Dennis Kern – I posted a map…You connected the two. This implies that a connection must exist.
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike
Response –  Only on your post.
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Dennis Kern – One post can be all it takes to incite an unstable mind.
about an hour ago · Like

I am sure this sort of dialogue is happening all over the country today.  I don’t know if the shooter had any knowledge of the Sarah Palin’s web site or even knew who she was. The point is that our words matter. They matter even more when we are public figures who are  locked in the identity of a mass of people.  Within this mass of people are a few highly unstable sorts who read symbols, hateful words, and violent slogans or threats as a call to violent action. We know this from past experience.
Short of making a map with cross hairs for those you use such language in the media….what can be done?

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Constitution SINGS Back to teabagers

The new congress plans to read the constitution before sessions as if the words of the document might clarify there political views. There is a whole branch of government that works to interpret what the words of that document imply to specific law called the Supreme Court. Oh, how simple life is to a teabager.

It is that thought that inspired what the constitution might say in response if it could talk or even sing?

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Playful Video – Fun With Form

I make videos for fun. The images are often a series of playful mistakes or coincidences. The final form seldom represents the original plan. Of course, I am always pleased when other people watch and share one of the series of mistakes and coincidences. It is just playful fun with form using this marvelous canvas of technology that allows almost anyone to play with creation of form in a manner that was once only the privilege of a few.

The video below was the most “popular” pieces of form play of last year, probably because it features Eckhart Tolle. He is the spiritual teacher whose voice lead me out of denial and alcoholism. Had I not been lifted, I would not have enjoyed the dance of the humming birds that hot summer afternoon. The moment of sharing a bit of beauty with you, here and now, would not be happening.

Enjoy Yourself!

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