VOTE JoAnne Kloppenburg April 5th

Had Enough?

Ready to show how you feel? April 5 is our first chance to vote since we were tricked by Walker and the Republicans.

David Prosser
(In front of Scott Walker above) is running for the State Supreme Court on April 5. This is how he  describes himself on his own web site.

“I present myself as a judicial conservative, devoted to the constitution and the rule of law.”

Sound a little bit like Scott Walker?  David Prosser sees himself as a compliment to the Republican Legislature.

Our candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg says:

“My opponent has said repeatedly he has “the most partisan background” of any of the current Supreme Court justices. The Prosser campaign manager said that re-electing the incumbent would “preserve the conservative majority” on the court and ensure that the Supreme Court of Wisconsin would act as a “complement” to the Republican legislature and Governor Scott Walker.”

Kloppenburg Rally 6:00pm Corner University Ave & N. Park, Madison.

Show support before her debate on PBS at 7:00p.m.

She has a long list of endorsements, and it’s growing.

We demonstrated how we felt on the streets, now we can show it at the polls.

The world is watching.

You Can Vote Absentee

The election is April 5th mail your request forms in by Monday March 21st.
They need to be at your clerk’s office by 5pm on Thursday March 31st

Absentee request form link

Check your voter registration status
Check your registration link

If not registered or you need to update your registration. This can be mailed in with your absentee request.

Form to mail for absentee request

Find your local clerk and mail in your forms
Find your local Clerk link

Vote JoAnne Kloppenburg for Justice April 5


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