Who controls your State Gov. ?

Did you ever wonder how and why the campaign spending dollars keep rising to unimaginable levels? The Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court of the U.S.A. has opened the flood gate for corporations to spend unlimited amounts to influence the laws under which you live. The Walker Administration came to power as the first beneficiary of the Citizens United ruling. Do you like what you see?

The picture below is an altered version of the Norman Rockwell print February 21, 1943. It held my fascination as a young boy and has always been my favorite. I apologize for replacing the blackboard in the background with a flow of money that comes from another kind of board equally as black.

The Supreme Court has determined that a corporation is the same as person under the Constitution of the United States and they have been awarded the same rights to contribute money to the political process as living and breathing human beings. This seems an obvious stretch to many. Shall we agree to pretend that average citizen has the same political clout as a utility corp. or a banking corp? The Supreme Court ruling seems to think so, thus tilting an already unlevel playing field much further in favor of big money and corporate control of government at all levels.

Here is just one example of how this influx of big dollars effects just one small facet of your state government. The Assembly Republican caucus draws a disproportionately greater amount of special interest contributions than the Assembly Democrats because they have the power to give wealthy special interests what they want.

This is readily seen in the difference in per capita special interest contributions between Assembly Republicans and Democrats in the first six months of 2005 and the first six months of 2007. In between those two periods, the 2006 elections reduced the GOP majority from 61-38 to 52-47 (see Bar Chart below).

Six-Month Per Capita Special Interest Contributions
To Assembly Democrats And Republicans

6 Month Per Capita Special Interest Contributions To Assembly Democrats And Republicans

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