Letter to the editor – "On Wisconsin!"

I wrote this letter to the editor of the Independent Scout newspaper in Crawford County, Wisconsin.

Freedom of Speech - Norman Rockwell 1943 (altered)

I do not belong to a union, but I stand with unions and all the actions, protests, and demonstrations of the past weeks. I am not a sign holding, chanting protester, yet I am so proud of the people from Wisconsin for creating an active, peaceful, respectful and unified voice against Scott Walker, his administration, and those legislators who march in step with his design for Wisconsin. I wish no ill on Scott Walker, the GOP legislators, or any of those who support their polices in America, Wisconsin, or my community, however I will continue to stand with pride and join in the movement to end the implementation of their legislation and to expose the means of their action; the over reaching and manipulation of the rules of the legislature and the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin.

When you talk to the people at demonstrations in Madison, Richland Center and Recall Office in Viroqua; when you look in their eyes and hear the deep conviction in their voices, one begins to realize this is about something more than the chanting and drumming being carried on the March wind. Yes, it is much more. Better writers and speakers than I have called it: “the awakening of a sleeping giant”, or “a class war”. Whatever the name or slogan, it has crept into the minds and hearts of the people of Wisconsin. People of all ages, who just a few weeks ago would never have dreamed of seeing themselves standing on corners with recall petitions, driving to rallies, are out in a chilly March night. You see ordinary people, with their children in hand, moving to stop the actions of this perceived encroachment on their lives.

Each and every one, of the hundreds of thousands of people who have risen up, knows what has brought them to this moment. They know what it takes to make ends meet, they know who teaches their children, they have been to benefits and auctions for those who are dying for want of health care, they remember what their parents gave them and fear they cannot match that gift for their own children. Yes. They know. That is all that really matters. On Wisconsin!

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