From the trenches RECALL Kapanke

Wow! The strength and passion of the Recall movement is AMERICA! It is happening in the counties, townships, and villages of rural Wisconsin. It is not always easy. It is not always fun. This is but one small episode of story that is unfolding across a proud and passionate state that is Not For Sale!

I saw the car pull up with the hand-made, RECALL KAPANKE sign displayed in the upper right corner of the windshield. The driver was alone and I could tell by the way she got out of the car that she was tired and guarded. She told me the story of her past few hours of canvassing for recall signatures in Crawford and Vernon County.

She stood outside her car at the Kickapoo Corners Restaurant in Reedstown where she met a woman who was signing her petition just as another angry man yelled the “F* You” words from his car. Moments later the owner of the place bolted out the door shouting for her to get off her property.

She drove on to the Mobile station in Soldiers Grove and stationed herself out side the convenience store. A woman approached her who was happy to be able to sign the petition. Then another man came out the front door yelling “F* you! You are raising my taxes!” he got in his truck and pounded his extended middle finger against the window as he drove past her. Once again, an employee came out to tell her that she could not collect signatures on the property…she said this after she signed the petition.

Finally, she had driven on to Gays Mills where I saw her. She told me that she had already turned in six signature sheets, and I noticed the one on her clip board was half full. While she stood by her car, two or three more people signed her sheet to recall Kapanke. I got busy with customers. When I looked around, she was gone.

It isn’t always easy. Democracy is as sweet as it is tough. I am so proud of the people of Wisconsin! When I see a lone petitioner out in the trenches, I want to stop and buy them a hot cup of coffee, pat them on back, and shake their strong hand.

2 thoughts on “From the trenches RECALL Kapanke

  1. I’ve collected 172 signatures to recall Kapanke myself over the past two weeks. I’ve been surprised by the support I’ve received. The republicans have awakened a lot of people with their lawless antics in the state. I’ve had a few brushes with people yelling or calling me names, but over all people are really upset with Walker and the republicans right now.


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