6 GOP Senators RECALLED!

It’s worth noting that even though there have been only four recall elections triggered in the state’s entire history, Wisconsin Dems are on the verge of managing it three times in a matter of months. It’s yet another way that this year’s events in Wisconsin are unprecedented. Read article from Wisconsin Watch

Alberta Darling Recall petitions filed Friday 4-22-

They needed about 21,000 signatures in order for any recall election to happen.

Organizer Christopher Rowe said that they had close to 30,000 signatures.

For weeks, recall organizers in Milwaukee’s northern suburbs have been standing on busy street corners — and going everywhere else they can think of — to collect recall signatures against Republican Sen. Alberta Darling.

Thursday afternoon volunteers gathered at Kletzsch Park in Glendale to announce they’ve gathered enough.

Thank you to all who have already contributed!

Luther Olsen Recall petition filed today 4-17-2011!

The woman who initially filed the recall against Sen. Luther Olsen (R-Ripon) returned over 23,000 signatures to the Government Accountability Board on April 17.

In one of the few early polls of a potential recall election, Olsen trailed a generic challenger by 49-47 and had a -10 approval rating (32/42) in the district.

Recall petition to be filed today. Thursday 4 – 7 -2011

“Randy Hopper, like Dan Kapanke before him, made his choice when he cast his lot with Scott Walker and his extreme power grab. Today, a coalition of Republicans, Democrats and independents took the historic step of calling him to account.

This time, Dems will file 23,946 signatures to recall state senator Hopper, even though only 15,629 are required, Wisconsin Democratic Party executive director Maggie Brick confirms

Cowles to be Recalled! Thursday April 28

The Committee to Recall Cowles has enough signatures to initiate the next phase of the process and will file them with the Government Accountability Board today. Latest from twitter:BAM! RT@ DefendWisconsin 26,524 signatures were filed today to recall GOP Sen. Rob Cowles, of 15,960 required Cowles name will be added to the list of Republican Senators who rubber stamped embattled Scott Walkers draconian budget/union busting proposal. Voters will soon be able to show their displeasure with the Senate Majority in approximately sixty days.

Cowles addition to the Historic recall list breaks all state and national records for any action of its kind in history! When we asked you to vote against Walker’s over reaching, draconian budget repair bill back in February, you stood with him. You stand with him now. It is Spring and the ice on which you stand is melting.

Sheila Harsdorf (River Falls) Filed Today April 19

110% of required signatures gathered – going for 125% by filing deadline.

Organizers of the effort to recall Harsdorf say they are currently looking at six potential candidates to run against her in the recall election.

The Kapanke recall drive broke records!

Dems and labor activists in the state collected nearly 23,000 signatures in Kapanke’s districts in 29 days — less than half the 60 alloted — which has tied the record for the fastest collection of signatures for a recall election in recent Wisconsin state history. And unlike in that previous case, recall drives are now simultaneously proceeding against other Republicans


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