Historic Election Two Strong Women

Out With the Old

The drive to recall eight Republican Senators that began in early March has netted two certain recall victims: Senator Dan Kapanke (District 32 La Crosse area) and Randy Hopper (District 10 Oshkosh Fox Cities area). The filing of their recall papers marks a national historical event. Only three times in American history has more than one state legislator been recalled at roughly the same time over the same issue: two in Idaho in 1971 over a pay raise, two in Michigan in 1983 over a tax vote and the Republicans in Columbia, Marquette, and Green Lake counties California months apart in 1995 over their collaboration with Democrats. But wait. Organizers say that GOP Senators Glenn Grothman (District 20 Sheboygan area) and Luther Olson (District 14) are about to fall into the recall hole with Kapanke and Hopper. The Wisconsin recall in the Spring of 2011 will go down in the History books. Unlike the previous more-than-one recalls, which were a reaction to one issue, the Wisconsin recall is more about the political vision of one man; Scott Walker.

The four Senators in recall peril are but half of eight senators who have been in office for over a year, and thus makes them subject to the Wisconsin recall law. It is safe to assume that if other GOP Senators were subject to the recall, there would be more petitions floating in their Districts, but why project a greater victory when history is being made in Wisconsin with the great effort that is already afoot. Perhaps a word of caution is due the remaining GOP Senators; if you are standing with Walker, you are standing on thin ice and it is the Spring 2011.

In With The New

A historical recall effort will be followed by a historical recall election this Summer. What appears on the horizon to fill the shoes that marched in step with Walker? Two strong women candidates have emerged to walk with the recently awakened “sleeping giant”. They stand against Kapanke and Hopper like a breath of fresh, warm, Spring air arriving to melt away the Winter of our discontent. Even when viewed beside their opponents they project the obvious difference of their gender, attitude, and youthful hope. They have been to the Madison protests to listen and witness the anger and frustration of teachers, fire fighters, mothers, fathers, and their children with the stubborn, patronizing, unflinching Walker administration in epic display of this is NOT what Democracy looks like.

Jennifer Shilling the new Senator for the 32nd District

“When the working families of the Coulee region needed Senator Kapanke the most, he turned his back on them,” said Rep. Shilling.

“Senator Kapanke stopped listening to the people he was elected to serve, and it’s time to move in a new direction.””

Shilling noted that the citizens of Western Wisconsin have clearly rejected Governor Walker’s attack on the rights of workers as well as his attempt to slash millions in vital education and health care funding. Despite this overwhelming opposition, she noted, Sen. Kapanke has continued to toe the party line.

“We don’t need more politicians to stand with the Governor,” Shilling concluded, “We need leaders to stand up to the Governor!”

If elected, Shilling said her number one goal will be creating good local jobs and putting Wisconsin’s government back on the side of working families.

“I’m running because I want our children to grow up in a state that values good jobs, quality education, affordable health care, and respects working people and their families,” concluded Shilling. “Together, we can keep the Wisconsin dream alive, and put our government back on the side of the hardworking men and women who make this such a great place to live and raise a family.

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Jessica King the new Senator for the 32nd District

She addressed his support for Walker’s measures in her announcement at Becket’s Restaurant Wednesday after noon.

“It’s our job to stand up for the hard-working people who make northeast Wisconsin a place we are proud to call home,” King said.

“As you state senator, I’ll work day-in and day-out to create good local jobs, grow our small businesses and protect he education and health care services we all rely on.”

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