Meet Your Next State Senator Jennifer Shilling

Jennifer Today in Viroqua.

Jennifer will is coming to Viroqua on Monday April 18 at 2:00 p.m.. You can meet her at the Democratic Party office near Blue Dog Bikes. (At the corner of Jefferson and Main Streets).

Many of us know the location as the local office for the successful recall of our current, disappointing, and irrelevant Senator Dan Kapanke, who is busy hiring lawyers to overturn the legitimacy of all the peoples’ hours of hard and deliberate work. Too bad, Dan. That is behind us. We beginninga new march in step with the theme of the State in which we live – Forward Wisconsin! We have found a voice in Jennifer Shilling who believes that bargaining rights are a vital freedom which grew out of the fabric of the History of Wisconsin. We will not accept your march with Walker to threaten the security of family farmers, workers, families, and children by cutting Badger Care, Medicaid, and programs for women’s health. We will not allow you to back Walker’s plan to destroy the environmental regulations of one of most beautiful and geographically unique areas in the world. We will stand behind Jennifer to regain our voice in our State. Your over reaching, disregard for legislative rules and the State Constitution is over.

Meet our new voice in our State Government today!


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