Kloppenburg at Warner Park says Recount?

It is interesting that Kloppenburg should choose Warner Park as the location for a 4:00 p.m. announcement for her decision to exercise her right to a recount of the State Supreme Court results. The choice of the park may give a hint to the determination, if you read the history of the man for whom the park was named below.

Ernest Noble Warner, who had been president of the Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association since 1912, died after an automobile accident in July, 1930. Warner had served in the 1905 State Assembly, where he was the Progressive floor leader and successfully introduced landmark civil service and primary election legislation. Just before he died, he appointed a committee of the MPPDA to investigate acquiring the beach for the public. Within two weeks of his death, the Ernest N. Warner Memorial Park Committee was formed to raise $20,000 to buy the beach as a memorial.

Two facts cry out from the biography which may suggest that a recount is imminent.
He introduced primary election legislation and his battle to preserve the land for the park was long and hard. I could be grasping at straw here.
Please read History-Warner Park article.

We will see you at 4:00?


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