Walker Whines "hard to get things done."

How can this man be so utterly out of touch with his crumbling agenda, and mutinous subjects?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is criticizing the wave of recalls in his state, which are taking place in the wake of the controversial passage of his anti-public employee union legislation.

Wisconsin Radio Network reported on Friday:

Walker says in the past lawmakers have faced recall elections after instances of misconduct in office and not over a single vote.

“At some point if you have a recall after every vote, you could have those continuously, one-after-another-after-another and it makes it very hard in a Republic for things to get done.”
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I mean this man is out of touch. He really is stuck in some alter reality. He obviously does not get it.

Yes in the past lawmakers have been recalled, but do you even begin to understand that what is happening here is historic. The recall of more than 2 sitting legislators in one cycle would have been enough to break records, but there are now, count them, 8 Senators facing recall. That is an exponentially negative reaction to your over reaching, uncompromising, law breaking antics in your short term as Governor. Don’t you get it? This is about YOU. YOU are next!


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