FRAUD 5 – If VOTES Could Talk?

So if votes for the Supreme Court Justice race in Wisconsin could talk? What if the votes that are leaking out of open, winged, and unsecure bags could tell their story? What would they say?

Just take a look at the video staring a vote bag from Waukesha, Wisconsin and comments by retired Judge Mawdsley who is “in charge” of the recount. You will also hear from the City of Brookfield Clerk Kris Schmidt as she demonstrates how it is the bag’s fault that they don’t seal correctly. You also get a good view of the rear left shoulder of the Prosser Attorney.

Maybe abused vote bags can not really talk, but votes can.

Yet, votes really can talk when you look at them mathematically, on spread sheets, or a graph. In fact the votes cast in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election show suspicious anomalies. Jim Jacobs posted a graph showing just such a suspicious anomaly on The Election Integrity Group on face book.

One would expect that the Kloppenburg vote in the Spring election would parallel that of Dem. Jim Barret in his run against Walker in the November election. The graph shows the shift in percentages of the Barett and Kloppenburg vote. The positive movement shows a greater Kloppenburg shift, when compared to Barrett in 65 of 72 less populated Wisconsin Counties.

The horizontal is all counties, with the Milwaukee anomaly labeled. The graph is sorted by shift percentage. You can plainly see that Milwaukee, the city that cast 15.4% of the Wisconsin vote, falls way off from the expected match of Kloppenburg/Barret vote by 5.3 %. Why? There really is no good explanation for the departure in most of the larger populated areas.

The graphic depiction on the right is another view of the same anomaly shown in the spread sheet of Richard Charnin when he compared the Obama vote with Kloppenburg. In the post FRAUD 4 Vote Bags and Spread Sheets What’s more, when we find the anomalies and look at the precincts, we also find how these are the same places where identification of bags is suspiciously and consistently scratched out, and mis-marked! Very fishy and fraudulent indeed.

Here is another one of Jim’s picture graphs showing another more colorful look at the suspicious “Milwaukee drop” anomaly.

This is the percentage of shift comparing the Walker-Barrett race with the Prosser-Klopburg race (using Barrett and Kloppenburg totals). Once again, Milwaukee County presents the significant anomaly that remains unexplained. Why do we find Milwaukee County has an 5% red shift compared to the 5% blue shift in the remainder of the state.

So, what do the unsealed, winged bags with markings that clearly show a break in the “chain of custody” have to do with the anomalies presented in the graphs?

It appears that the deep departures in Milwaukee, Waukesha and other urban areas are due to a flip in the vote. Since the vote count in Wisconsin carries a paper trail, the votes that suddenly appeared in the city of Brookfield in the wee hours of the morning after the election, had to be backed up with actual votes. This is why we find bags that are untraceable by their markings, unsealed and open; they were stuffed to account for the 7,500 vote shift in Prosser’s favor and not even reported by the Waukesha County Clerk, Kathy Nickolaus until two days later.

Perhaps, Richard Charnin says it best: DO YOU GUYS SEE A PATTERN?”
“As the famous bank robber Willie Sutton said when asked why he steals from banks: ‘Because that’s where the money is’. And the GOP steals votes in Democratic areas – because that’s where the votes are.”

This is what the mounting evidence is pointing to. Election fraud!


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