Fraud 9 – Duct Tape (Really!)

The Brad Blog calls the Waukesha recount a “Dog and Pony Show”

“As the count nears its end, more irregularities emerge, including mis-dated poll tapes, unprinted ‘paper trails’, duct taped bags and the state’s unwavering faith in the machine…”

Yet the headline in the
Milwakee Sentinel states: “Prosser Won”

The hard hitting, masterpiece of investigative journalism goes on to say:

“Kloppenburg’s campaign has raised questions about torn ballot bags in Waukesha County. But Geske said a rip in a ballot bag would not be enough for a court to throw out the votes in that bag without more evidence to draw a reasonable inference that fraud had been committed.”

Geske says nothing about duct tape! How could he miss it?

They make it sound the Kloppenburg found a rip in a single ballot bag and are claiming fruad. It wasn’t one bag. It was many bags. Not only did they appear slit, torn, and lapping open the numbering would be an embarrassment to a third grader! To top it off the slit bags were repaired with duct tape!

The ever alert and penetrating analysis of the Journel Sentinel goes on to say:

“The process moved more slowly in Waukesha County, in part because of the intense scrutiny. The recount there was overseen by retired Waukesha County Circuit Judge Robert Mawdsley after Nickolaus recused herself.”

“Recused Herself?”

Nickolaus recused herself alright. She was sitting in her office with all the votes, vote machines, and poll books. It is just as likely that the process moved more slowly so that Kathy could stuff bags to match the bogus vote tallies she hacked into the vote machines!

The in depth, credible, journalistic artistry of the Journal makes it sound as though the suggestion of a ripped (and duct taped) ballot bag is a frivolous piece of evidence that will not hold water any more than it will hold votes. Yet, in all the depth of research exemplified by the Journal, they missed reading the Wisconsin statutes that address just such a piece of evidence.

Wisconsin Statutes regarding bags and ballots

“The board of canvassers shall then examine the container or bag containing the ballots to be certain it has not been tampered with, opened, or opened and resealed. Any irregularities or possible tampering with the container or bag shall be noted.” [9.01(1)(b)3.]

As the count continues, “The board of canvassers or the chairperson or chairperson’s designee shall make specific findings of fact with respect to any irregularity…discovered during the recount.” [9.01(5)(a)]

Oh yeah. They know all to well that Kloppenburg has a case for vote tampering that could slice away votes from their boy, Prosser, like a mat knife through a ballot bag, and all the duct tape in the world will not save him.


4 thoughts on “Fraud 9 – Duct Tape (Really!)

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