Darling Disgrace

As we honor those who have given their lives for Democracy and the right to vote, what is Roberta Darling up to?

She is engaged in vote suppression tactics that would be unethical on any day, but on the eve of Memorial Day, her action is nothing less than disgraceful.

ABSENTEE BALLOTS ARE RARELY COUNTED. DO NOT ABSENTEE VOTE!!! From Recall Scott Walker: “Shorewood residents received calls tonight from the Darling camp. Caller ID says Republican Party, phone number is Darling’s HQ, 414-727-4445. Caller … asks for a person by name. Asks if you are voting for Darling or Sandy Pasch. When you say Sandy, they offer to send you an absentee ballot.

The Motive?
Seems obvious she wants to get absentee ballots in the hands of those who would vote against her. Why? I really don’t even want to wander into the hearts and minds of the Republican party when it comes to vote suppression, and election fraud. Your guess is as good as mine, and on the eve of Memorial Day it is irrelevant.

The strikingly obvious point here is: JUST STOP! Hold off on your self serving, power grabbing, and manipulative behavior for the Memorial Day Weekend. You are disgracing yourself and every family that is remembering a loved one who has served to allow us the prime democratic right to vote.


3 thoughts on “Darling Disgrace

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