GAB – Your Vote Was Not Counted

Lead statement from Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Web Site.

“Continuing Wisconsin’s Tradition of Clean and Open Government”


“This is like claiming “BP is continuing the Tradition of Clean and Open Oil Production”

Most of us are to understand that the Spring Supreme Court Election Recount is complete and certified right? WRONG. The GAB and most media outlets would have us believe that Kloppenburg conceded, Prssser won, and it is complete, over, and done with. There is one minor detail that remains unsettled, outstanding, and blatantly missing.

It is just the small detail of YOUR VOTE! It was not counted.

The total votes cast in the election is the count of your vote as surely as the “amount of refund box” box on your tax return is the amount you expect on your check from the IRS. So if the IRS was run by the GAB:

Your Return is not filed

If we didn’t get our return from the IRS we would not stand for it, anymore than we should stand for the GAB failing to report the total vote cast in an election. Just as it could be your tax return that is slighted it could be your vote that is not counted.

Let’s say the Court Reporters minutes of the Waukesha recount is your tax return. After some months you get a letter from the IRS stating: you will get no return since we cannot find you tax return. What?

Well, Director Kevin Kennedy has done something very similar with your vote. He as certified the results of an election without delivering the details of the decision. He has declared a winner without accounting for the finding with the Total Votes Cast or the minutes of the Waukesha Recount process. In other words….you are not entitled to know the detailed accounting of your vote.

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One thought on “GAB – Your Vote Was Not Counted

  1. I would appear MY vote was not counted. I used to live in Madison, and voted here before. Then I moved to Brown Deer, and then moved back to Madison. I went to vote in the spring election, and provided my driver’s license to show my new address. The poll worker supposedly noted the address change. I went to the internet site that allows a person to check his or her voting history, and found that I was still listed at the old address, and there was no history of me voting in the April 5 election at either my old or new address. Where is my vote??


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