RECALL Who vs Who

Alberta Darling Recall petitions filed Friday April 22


21,000 signatures were canvassed against Darling’s performance as a Representative for the people of Milwaukee.

Organizer Christopher Rowe said that they had close to 30,000 signatures.

For weeks, recall organizers in Milwaukee’s northern suburbs stood on busy street corners — and went everywhere else they could think of — to collect recall signatures against Republican Sen. Alberta Darling.

Hello Sandy Pasch!

Visit Sandy’s Web site

I’m running to be your next State Senator to protect what truly matters in our community- quality public schools, good, affordable health care and the right to have a say in the work place. I’m running to overcome the challenges we face head on – and I’ll stand and fight to defend the values we know are so important. I hope you’ll join me as I run for the 8th Senate District. Check back often for updates and opportunities to help out.

Luther Olsen Recall petition filed April 17

Good Bye Luther – RECALL APPROVED MAY 31

The woman who initially filed the recall against the Ripon Republican Sen. Luther Olsen returned over 23,000 signatures to the Government Accountability Board on April 17.

Hello Fred Clark!

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“Despite some good efforts by members of both parties, this legislature has very little to show for three months of bad policy. Not only have they taken rights away from workers, nothing has been done to get people back to work at decent jobs”, said Clark. “If elected to the Senate, I intend to get right back to work educating our kids, balancing our budget by making responsible choices, and rebuilding Wisconsin’s rural economy.”

Cowles recall petition filed Thursday April 28


26,524 signatures were filed to recall GOP Sen. Rob Cowles while only 15,960 were required. Cowles name is added to the list of Republican Senators who rubber stamped embattled Scott Walkers draconian budget/union busting proposal. Voters will soon be able to show their displeasure with the Senate Majority in approximately sixty days.

Cowles addition to the Historic recall list breaks all state and national records for any action of its kind in history! When the people asked you to vote against Walker’s over reaching, draconian budget repair bill back in February, you stood with him. You stand with him now. It is Summer and the ice on which you stood has melted.

Hello Nancy Nusbaum!

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“I’m running to be the next State Senator for the 2nd Senate District because I believe we can do better in Wisconsin. We need to bring change to Madison now before they do anymore damage to the values we know are so important. And we need a state senator who will always put the people first. Please join me as I campaign throughout the 2nd and check back often for ways that you can get involved.”

Randy Hopper recall petition was filed on Thursday April 7 -2011


Randy Hopper, like Dan Kapanke before him, made his choice when he cast his lot with Scott Walker and his extreme power grab. Today, a coalition of Republicans, Democrats and independents took the historic step of calling him to account.

This time Dems filed 23,946 signatures to recall state senator Hopper, even though only 15,629 are required.

Hello Jessica King!

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Jessica King was born and raised in Fond du Lac County by disabled parents, and overcame many life challenges at a young age. Becoming a ward of the state at age 15, Jessica put herself through college with hard work and scholarships. Jessica earned several academic and leadership honors during her college career at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. After college King pursued a law degree and graduated from Thomas Jefferson Law School.

Sheila Harsdorf (River Falls) petition filed on April 19


Over 110% of required signatures were gathered against her in the River Falls area. She voted with Walker and against working families of Wisconsin. She said “yes” to the vote suppression bill that will disenfranchise many poor, minority, and senior voters. It is now time for her to face the voters who she failed to listen too.

Hello Shelly Moore!

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Shelly Moore
National Education Association

Hailing from a family of educators, Shelly Moore, a high school English and drama teacher at Ellsworth Community High School, has 12 years of experience in the classroom. She was elected to the National Education Association (NEA) Board of Directors in 2005.

Moore’s calling is teaching self-confidence and creative expression to students by directing school musicals and plays, as well as coaching forensics and other academic competition teams. She is past president of the state theatre educators association, the Alliance for Wisconsin Theatre Education. She also volunteers with local community theatre and arts organizations and at the River Falls domestic and sexual violence shelter.

The Kapanke recall drive broke records. His petition was the first to be filed.


Dems and labor activists in the state collected nearly 23,000 signatures in Kapanke’s districts in 29 days — less than half the 60 allotted —which has tied the record for the fastest collection of signatures for a recall election in recent Wisconsin state history.

Kapanke is another of the “Stand with Walker” legislators who went as far a breaking the law to pass the end to collective bargaining bill in the secretive meeting voted unconstituional by Judge Sumi last week. Now, it is time for the people of La Crosse to tell you what happens to Senators who fail to listen to their voices with their votes.


Visit Jennifer’s Web Site
Representative Shilling has served on the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance, as well as committees dealing with colleges and universities, financial institutions, health services, insurance, and workforce development. She continues to be heavily involved in these issues and is also a member of the Wisconsin Technology Council Board of Directors.

In addition to her work in the Assembly and as a mother of two, Jennifer is very involved in the La Crosse community. She serves on the UW-La Crosse Alumni Association Board of Directors the UW- La Crosse Chancellor’s Community Council, the Viterbo University Board of Advisors, the Family and Children’s Center Community Board, the La Crosse County League of Women Voters, and volunteers for the United Way. She is also a founding member and co-chair of the La Crosse Area Dental Care Advocacy Coalition, which is dedicated to increasing access to dental care for all Wisconsin residents.

Democratic Recall Candidates

Senator Dave Hansen – 30th District – Democrat

Visit Dave’s web page

Dave Hansen was first elected to serve the 30th Senate District in November 2000. In November 2002, he was elected Senate Assistant Minority Leader by his colleagues. In November 2006, Dave was elected Senate Assistant Majority Leader.

He is a former teacher, truck driver, and lifelong Green Bay Packer fan. He co-authored the 2009 Labor History in the Schools Act, saying “at a time when people are hurting, primarily as a result of a Wall Street dominated culture that promoted greed and get-rich-quick schemes over the value of hard work, it is important for our young people to learn about the important role that organized labor and working men and women have played in helping create the middle class.

Senator Hansen currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Joint Finance Committee.


Mary Scray, vice chairwoman of the Brown County Board, said Thursday that she won’t run for the 30th State Senate District seat currently held by Dave Hansen.

Scray announced earlier this year that she would run for the seat as a Republican in a recall election or in 2012 but said today that her responsibilities to her family, profession and the County Board forced her to reluctantly withdraw.

Jim Holperin, Democrat – Conover,

Visit Jim’s Web Site
Born Eagle River, December 18, 1950; married; 2 children. Graduate Eagle River H.S. 1969; B.S. UW-Whitewater 1973. Full-time legislator. Former executive director, Trees for Tomorrow Natural Resources Specialty School; director of aging programs, Vilas Co.; legislative analyst, Wis. Assembly; business services coordinator, North Central Wis. Workforce Development Bd. Member: Rotary International (past pres. of Eagle River club); Northwoods Land Trust (bd. mbr.); 1000 Friends of Wisconsin (founding bd. mbr.); WXPR Public Radio (founding bd. mbr.). Former member: Nicolet College Bd. of Trustees; Wisconsin Rural Leadership Program (bd. mbr.); Governor’s Forestry Council. Asst. Chief Clerk, Wis. Senate 1977-79. Secretary, Wis. Dept. of Tourism 2003-07.

Elected to Assembly 1982-1992; elected to Senate 2008. Majority Caucus Sergeant at Arms 2009.


So, as of now, he is running against the Walker power grabbing take over of Wisconsin.

Bob Wirch, Democrat – Kenosha


Wirch Will Join Other Legislators Taking Furloughs to Assist in Helping Resolve the State Budget

Deficit Faced with a $6.6 billion budget deficit the State Legislature was faced with difficult choices in the 2009-2011 State of Wisconsin Budget. Every state agency, including the Legislature are forced to make cuts.

The state constitution does not allow legislators to be furloughed, but I will write a check to give back what other employees are being asked to give up.


Kenosha attorney Jonathan Steitz

Steitz, an international capital markets attorney who practices in Chicago, joins Kenosha County Board Vice Chairman Fred Ekornaas in what will be at least a two-way Republican primary, provided the state certifies a recall election against Sen. Robert Wirch, D-Pleasant Prairie.

They are facing off in the 22nd Senate District, which includes all of Kenosha County except the town of Wheatland, plus the city and town of Burlington.

Steitz said he brings a new generation of leadership to the prospective race. The 38-year-old Pleasant Prairie resident is making his first dive into politics.

“I decided to run because I strongly believe Madison needs leaders who have real-world, private-sector experience, not career politicians,” Steitz said.

Experience Like how to get around paying sales tax?

Kenosha County Case Number 2003TW000544
Delinquent tax warrant (sales tax)
Plaintiff The Department of Revenue

Amount $ 2,728.32 – Full satisfaction – 01-12-2004


Fred Ekornaas
One of those times a picture is worth a thousand words?


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