Election Fraud Clueless Legislators

They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
Trying to change the system from within.

Leonard Cohen

Leonard describes the way I feel when I watch or attend legislative committee meetings like the Wisconsin Assembly Committee for Election Reform hearing of a few days ago in Madison. My hat and a good share of my whole upper torso go off to people who demonstrate the patience and integrity when sitting before assembled body politic.

People like Jim Mueller

!972 McGovern volunteer,
1972 Democratic ticket filler for Clerk of Courts, Winnebago County
1973-Dec 1975 Completed 3 year Law School degree
1974 Campaign worker for Dem. Gary Goyke in his Senate victory
1975-March 1976 Senate Administrative Assistant
1976 Dem. Assembly Candidate in heavily Rep Dist. received 46.7%
1978 Dem. Assembly Candidate, received 49%
1979 Chair for Goyke’s 6th Cong. seat election, 49%
1979-80 Senate Committee Clerk
1980-1996 Raised family and had a career in Employee Benefits at a Trust Company
1996 Elected Town Supervisor
1998 Re-elected Town Supervisor and ran for Gov. on Lib. ticket.
1999-2005 Administrator/Clerk and in 2004 Treas. Tn of Middleton
2006-Feb 11, 2011 Att., Mun. Consultant, Realtor, Mortgage Broker,
Feb 11, 2011 to date Full-time political activist.

So here is Jim “trying to change the system form within” in face of clueless members of the committee elected to State Assembly like Democrat Frederick Kessler
12th Assembly District and Republican Kathleen Bernier 68th Assembly District.


2 thoughts on “Election Fraud Clueless Legislators

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