Walker "Ballots Out of the Blue"

Suspicious events of April 6 – 7

On the morning after the April 5 Supreme Court Election Kloppenburg was ahead of Prosser by some 200 votes. The press was calling her the winner, and she even made her victory speech. The people of Wisconsin would go to bed that night with the belief that JoAnne Kloppenburg had won the election. They would wake up the next day to the news that Kathy Nickolaus, County Clerk of Waukesha had found 14000 votes in the city of Brookfield that would put Prosser comfortably in the lead.

Some very suspicious meetings, and announcements were afoot on the day after that election.

Prosser retreated to Delafield (Waukesha County) as the election returns were coming in, “…to find out what the hell was going on”. We can only speculate who he met with or what possibilities were discussed. We only know that he returned to Madison and met with Walker.

The allegation that Prosser met with Walker in his office on June 6 was included in the Kloppenburg complaint which triggered the recount. When questioned about this meeting on three different occasions, Prosser responded with three different recollections: 1) There was never such a meeting 2) I might have met him outside his office 3) I don’t think I was at the Capitol that day.

The press conference called by Walker would have been after the alleged meeting with Prosser but before Kathy Nickolaus would “discover ballots out of the blue” in the City of Brookfield in Waukesha County.

All this circumstance, coincidence, and speculation does not seal the deal for proof of election fraud in the Supreme Court election, but it serves to hammer yet another nail in the coffin of Walker, Prosser, and Nickolaus.

The other nails


in the proverbial coffin include:


The number of discovered votes was coincidentally “almost” the same as would exclude Kloppenburg of the right to a recount. (Suggesting she should have found a few more?)


We discovered in her press conference that she kept the vote tabulation for the county on her personal lap top computer.


The Government Accounting Board (GAB) issued Nickolaus “special software” for this personal computer. She and only she, used this software for vote tabulation in the State of Wisconsin.


In the recent past Kathy Nickolaus was on the staff of Prosser and while she held this position she was alleged to be involved in a criminal activities centering around use of public office time and material for election activities. She could well have been convicted had she not been granted immunity for her testimony in the matter. Prosser himself was involved and though never convicted, he admitted to using public office time and materials for the same campaign purposes that landed other legislators in jail.


An observer at the Waukesha recount discovered a poll tape that was dated March 30. It was testified under oath that the votes on this tape were to be counted as valid votes in the April 5 Supreme Court Election.


Observers at the Waukesha recount raised many documented objections about torn and ripped bags containing votes in the SC election. The openings and tears were large enough so that votes could be pulled or added to the bags.


Observers at the Waukesha recount raised documented objections about bags appeared to be slit with a sharp instrument. Some of the bags so damaged, were repaired with duct tape.


Observers at the Waukesha recount raised documented inquiries as to the size of the actual ballots used in Waukesha, noticing they were narrower and could more easily been pulled and stuffed than ballots from other counties.


Trained and experienced statisticians have made documented studies of how the vote for Kloppenburg showed an unexplainable statistical drop in suspected vote in urban areas when compared to both the Obama vote in the Presidential Election or Barrett in the most recent election for Governor. This vote drop is so large that it is a strident statistical anomaly.


Even though Kathy Nickolaus recused herself from over seeing the Waukesha recount, she was in her office the whole time and had full access to all the suspicious bags, votes, poll books, poll tapes, machines, and computers.


Perhaps, not one of the nails above viewed alone would seal the election fraud deal, but when viewed together, who can argue, they send an obvious signal for an investigation of the Waukesha recount of the Supreme Court Election.

If you are the head of a government agency whose expressed mission is:

The G.A.B. and its staff are committed to ensuring that Wisconsin elections are administered through open, fair and impartial procedures that guarantee that the vote of each individual counts, and that the will of the electorate prevails.

…then how could you ignore the nails?

Kevin Kennedy the Director of GAB has. There is no acknowledgment by the GAB of any element or instance centering around the Waukesha vote tabulation or recount.

We can only hope that the suite being filed against the GAB regarding the unethical tactics used in their signature gathering for the recall of Democrats, might bleed into the irresponsible, incompetent, and downright suspicious silence of the GAB regarding Walker, Prosser, Nickolaus and the Waukesha vote tabulation.

Holperin, Wirch, and Hansen sue G.A.B.

Read the article on the Blue Cheddar blog
State Senators Jim Holperin (Eagle River), Robert Wirch (Pleasant Prairie) and Dave Hansen (Green Bay) sued the Government Accountability Board, claiming the Board found numerous instances of fraud in the recall petitions against them, but struck only a few hundred signatures.
……The senators add that at least seven of the paid circulators “repeatedly certified fraudulent residences” and that at least two paid circulators “fraudulently certified petitions circulated by others.” …but the Board excluded signatures only where “fraud could be specifically proven.”
About 230 signatures were excluded, leaving 21,000 “implicated signatures” in the final tally and rendering the remedy “effectively meaningless,” the senators say. ..


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