Michelle, We got ourselves a BULLY

This is NOT what is meant by a “bully pulpit”.

Wisconsin has the very poorest of examples of civility on its Supreme Court. Prosser has demonstrated his violent, bullying tendencies before the Spring Election. He “found” the votes with a little help from Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus. She obviously could not find him the strength of character that would allow him to be a Justice of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle have used social network Facebook to host a video to promote the White House’s Conference on Bullying Prevention.

President Obama opens the video by saying “I’m not here to ask you to accept my friend request”, and goes on to say that modern bullying is an issue that “makes headlines every day”, and which follows children “from their schools to their phone and computer screen”.

His wife Michelle says that the event is important to the couple because “because we care about it as parents”, as well as in their official capacities.

As one bully to another – Scott Walker says on


Walker said Monday that regardless of your political beliefs, “there’s got to be confidence that the people on the court can rationally discuss and debate” issues.

Is that what you and Prosser discussed during the meeting in your office on the day after the Supreme Court Election?

You know, just before you suggested that “ballets out of the blue” might be found?

You remember. Just hours before Kathy Nickolaus actually “found ballets out of the blue” in the City of Brookfield in Waukesha County.

You know. The very county Prosser retreated to to find out “what the hell was going on?”

Oh, and of course the very same County where the poll tape dated March 30 was found and counted for the April 5 election?

You might remember it as the same county where all the ripped, slit and duct tapped vote bags were found?

Is confidence in the Court of less or equal importance than confidence in the Election?

Time for you both to come clean?

Just wondering…

Latest news on incident 2:44 p.m. June 27

Investigation #1

Today, at the request of the Wisconsin Capital Police Department, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation into the June 13th incident involving an alleged altercation at the offices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office recognizes the significance and sensitive nature of this investigation. Beginning today, detectives will work diligently to conduct a thorough and timely investigation. Because this case is in the very early stages, no further information is available at this time.

Investigation #2

The Wisconsin Judicial Commission confirms that it received information
concerning an incident that occurred at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The Commission
authorized an investigation of the incident at its meeting on Friday, June 24, 2011

What do we tell our children?

If anyone were to physically attack another person in your work place, would you keep your job?

If a child physically attacks another at school or on the playground, would they expect to be suspended?

David Prosser has lost any hope of respect and credibility as one who would apply the laws of Wisconsin. He must resign. If he will not resign, he must be impeached or addressed by the legislature. If the legislature fails to unseat him, it is up to the voters to recall him.

For the sake of our kids.</h3


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