Kim Simac Vs Jim Holperin – "With a Rifle by My Side"

Kim Simac running against Jim Holperin in the recall election in the 12th District. Kim Simac is an author of books for children.

No “Goodnight Moon” or “Frog and Toad” for Kim. Her attitude of life is framed in what she believes children must learn at an early age. No, not the beauty and grace of nature or animals. No. Kim seems to be more influenced by Ayn Rand and “Atlas Shrugged” than “Sesame Street”.

Her latest work to teach the children of America is titled. “With My Rifle by My Side.”

Yep. No kidding. Even more to her credit the book seems to be very popular on Christian reading lists.

Here is Kim’s quote bout her “Rifle” book.

“The right to bear arms, our constitutional right and a fundemental link to the the heritage left to us by our fore fathers. A story that will teach the honor and responsibility that comes with the ownership of guns.”

The priority she gives to “the honor that comes with the ownership of guns”, says much about her. I do not happen to agree, but the insight she provides as to her priorities for our children is good to know. If those are your priorities, by all means, vote for her.

More quotes to would-be buyers of her books are in bold italic below.

“If America is to continue, we must stop the indoctrination of thoughts and conduct, so very contrary from those who came before us.”

She is probably not including Martin Luther King or any other non-white person in those that “came before us”. My guess is her list would also exclude non-Christian, progressives, and gay people.

It is our duty and responsibility to defend the ideals and principles that this country was founded on.

Ok. I guess this is where the rifle part comes in. Clear and deadly – conflict resolution.

How will American children realize their ability to achieve greatness, if no one instills such attributes as courage, integrity and honesty in their hearts, and in their minds?

I see. Teaching is only indoctrination if you give examples of courage, integrity, and honesty that she does not agree with. That is indoctrination. Following the rules of the legislature, the state statutes, and the state constitution must not be so important since she supports Walker and Fitzgerald?

We must dedicate ourselves to leaving our children with the tools to carry on the rich heritage of being an American.”</strong

She has the same “tool” thing going on as Walker. So why would she be opposed to funding schools, libraries, and early child development programs, while being certain children have a rifle by their side?

I find the GOP so confusing.


3 thoughts on “Kim Simac Vs Jim Holperin – "With a Rifle by My Side"

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  3. Santorum is downright scary as a candidate. He was one of the worst Senators I can remember us ever having in PA. Cannot imagine how bad of a president he would be.


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