Wisconsin a Division of KOCH INDUSTRIES

Here Comes The Koch Money

Why are the Koch Brothers interested in Wisconsin’s Recall Elections?

Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity Begins Six-Figure Ad Buy for GOP Recall Candidates

Wisconsinites See Why ‘David Koch’ Was Told ‘Thanks a Million!’ By Walker During Prank Call As Pro-Republican AFP Spending Tops $500,000 in Wisconsin This Year

Madison — Americans for Prosperity, the organization funded by big oil billionaires David and Charles Koch, has just purchased over $150,000 in television ad time for Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee in what could be a new wave of spending to try and save the six Republican state Senators who are being recalled for their support of Gov. Scott Walker’s reckless attacks on public education, health care, workers’ rights and the middle class. This is in addition to $380,000 Americans for Prosperity previously spent this year to support Walker’s agenda.

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They don’t care about the seniors, families and or children of Wisconsin, why would they?

They have funded ALEC Read – ALEC Anti Labor Elderly and Children which, until recently, was a covert and secret organization that entertained legislators from state governments at lavish resorts for the purpose of training them to write legislation. Legislators left with notebooks of model legislation to enact in their various states. Did the model legislation deal with the people’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? No. It was written to change laws on the State level for their pursuit of higher profits and even greater wealth.

The Supreme Court “Citizens United” ruling allowed the wealthiest to buy elections. Before the ruling Supreme Court Justice Claire Thomas attended one of the Koch Bros. lavish gatherings to serve their agenda.Read “Who are the Koch Bros. Why Should I Care? What Country are we living in? Justice is blind to the power of money? Why are the wealthiest people of this country, who already possess clear advantage on an already lop sided playing field, being granted the even greater power of buying elections?

Recall the Koch Bros. Influence on Wisconsin

Regardless of party or political philosophy, the real choice voters are making on August 9 is whether they agree that the wealthiest 1% of Americans, many of whom do not even live in Wisconsin, should hold unfair influence on the lives of Wisconsinites. A vote for Darling, Kapanke, Olsen, Hooper, Harsdorf, Simac is an agreement to the means by which Wisconsin has been divided as they have followed the lead of the Kock Bros., Americans for Prosperity, Walker, and ALEC. It affirms a belief that the wealthiest 1% regardless of their agenda, should be allowed to buy our elections, dictate legislation for our State, and that the power of wealth trumps the power of the people.

Say NO to the Koch Bros., ALEC, and the Tea party Fringe on AUGUST 9


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