Controversial Gruberectemy Performed in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis G. Smith (pictured right) said in the press release, that he first learned the fact extracting procedure during his tenure at the Koch Brothers supported Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C..

Among his dangerous ideas over the years has been to minimize the importance of health insurance, outright advocacy against Medicare and Medicaid and Wisconsin’s successful SeniorCare program, and the end of programs like BadgerCare, which insures almost 400,000 working Wisconsin families and their children. Read More

He smiled broadly as he described the procedure of sucking the truth out of studies and documents to come up with the story that supports his ultra conservative positions. Once the extraction of the information is performed, it is completely safe to demonstrate the new documents in forums such as a by-invitation-only-press conferences.

Jonathan Gruber, the author of the study – Calls it “Spin”.

Smith’s most recent surgical stab at the documented facts was labeled a Gruberectemy, since he sucked and sliced the findings out of a study by Johnathan Gruber (pictured left) who was commissioned to look at how federal health care reform will impact Wisconsin. Smith’s irresponsible edit of the facts of Gruber’s report such as, how 340,000 uninsured people in Wisconsin will gain coverage by 2016, seems grounds for copyright infringement since it intentionally misrepresents much of Gruber’s original findings.

Read more: “Economist Jonathan Gruber says state officials spun the results of his health care reform study”

While people wonder when and how to recall Walker, these “spins”, orchestrations, and misrepresentations continue to impose false messages from the fringe conservative right on the lives of working people of Wisconsin.

125 Days – 4 Hours – 38 Minutes – 20 Seconds to Recall Walker as of this posting

Duffy – Presence in a Labor Parade is A Priviledge Not A Right

A privilege not a right.

“Finally, the tables are starting to turn” – Tracey Chapman-“Talking Bout a Revolution”

Isn’t that what you would say about a worker’s right to collectively bargain? It is not a right? Well your presence in a Labor Day parade is not your right. It is a privilege. You have not earned it.

The labor council decided to bar all local Republican lawmakers from Monday’s Labor Day parade this year. Council President Randy Radtke said Republican lawmakers haven’t supported organized labor in Madison or Washington D.C. this year and shouldn’t be permitted to participate.

“It seems like all they ever do is bash us and now they want to be in our parade,” he said. “I don’t think that’s right.”

City officials are encouraging organizers of a Labor Day parade to allow members of all political parties to participate or risk losing all support for the event.-Wausau Daily Herald

You do not understand Labor Day.

You are an embarrassment to working families. You demonstrated how out of touch you are at your town meeting, when you whined about the difficulty you faced while earning $174,000 a year.

Please don’t rain on our Labor Day Parade in Wausau

A Labor Day parade is a celebration of the struggle of working people to form unions and to collectively bargain for fair wages, a 40 hour work week, and workman’s compensation. Why would you expect to make a presence at a celebration of all you vehemently oppose? Where were you when organized Labor’s parade moved around the Capitol Square in Madison? Where was your voice of support for Labor when Walker refused to negotiate back in February? Where were you when public workers and teachers were being vilified and shamed by your party for being the one and only road block to balancing the State budget?

No. We do not invite you to our parade. You have not earned the respect of the working families of Wisconsin. Your policies and legislation are hurting the families, children, and seniors of this State. You are part of the cause of real pain in peoples lives. Your presence in a parade for the celebration of Labor would be little more than a mockery; a slap in the face to thousands who have struggled and died to create a middle class whose salaries and benefits you work to cut and crush with each wag of your tongue.

The only place you might have in any Labor Day Parade is at the very end behind the horses.

The one who poisons the well does not show up at the victim’s recovery party.

Sexually Active – Conjugal Machines in Wisconsin

Can machines have conjugal relationships and replicate? Evidence in Wisconsin suggests they can…and have!

The picture at the right shows Attorney General Van Holen centered on the machine of choice in most Wisconsin precincts including the County of Waukesha, the infamous home of County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus. – The Sequoia Edge voting machine. Read Nickolaus – Jurors Have You Reached a Verict?

This same voting machine may have self replicating DNA which is activated from the right side of the brain of election officials.

Evidence suggests that the result is the creation of a whole new entity that reflects the insidious nature of the parent product. More alarming, the nature of the new entity works in direct opposition to the Walker pronouncement, “The bottom line is we are trying to balance our budget and there really is no room to negotiate on that because we’re broke”. The new entity works in direct opposition to the Governor’s goal. It mindlessly drains money directly from the tax payers of Wisconsin to keep itself alive. The tax dollars of a “broke” State are its food which it devours at an increasingly alarming rate.

The New Replicated Entity

As demonstrated below, the new entity can be charted along the same chemical chain as Viagra, the drug causing an erection in males.

At the top of the chain are the Sequoia voting machines components of Waukesha County Clerk, Kathy Nickolaus and Attorney General Van Holen.

The surprising reaction is demonstrated on the next levels with the replication of Raymond Taffora and Steve Means who are both off spring of the Van Holen Department of Justice. They show up in the chain as links to the Michael Best Law Firm which is the final voracious eater of Wisconsin tax payer dollars. “So far, the state has paid Michael Best $96,200 for the ongoing work on several cases, with $197,900 in outstanding invoices.”

Where Does the Money Go…and Why?

The Capitol battles over union bargaining and political redistricting proposals have paid off for one group: politically connected GOP lawyers. The Troupis Law Office and the firm of Michael Best & Friedrich, with partners who include Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, have received special counsel contracts from Walker paying up to $300 an hour along with legislative contracts worth up to $395 an hour.

Signing the contract for Michael Best was the firm’s Raymond Taffora, who until January was serving at the Department of Justice as the top deputy to Van Hollen. Taffora also served as the chief legal counsel to then-GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson.

Steve Means, executive assistant at the agency, said of the decision to recommend outside counsel ,”we were stretched very thin. We have a limited number of lawyers here, none of our other responsibilities went away and we were faced with a new amount of litigation that was high profile and important to the state,”

Unlike, viagra which is designed to lose it’s erectile effect in four hours, this tax-dollar-eating entity has the half life of a lawyer in search of higher fees.

Read Fees Soar for Wisconsin Taxpayers

How to Unseat Prosser

Did you think the role of a Special Prosecutor was to prosecute?

Seems that DA Bradley of Sauk County missed the point in, once again, letting David Prosser off the hook.

She was not appointed as a Special District Attorney; to determine whether a case should be brought to trial, but a Special Prosecutor to bring forth evidence to Prosecute David Prosser for a physical attack in the workplace that would have gotten any other worker in any other work place fired. I’m no lawyer but when a Special Prosecutor was appointed, I was relieved that the wrong doers would finally come to trial, and was shocked at her unwillingness or inability to take the matter to court. After weeks of investigation, and interviews, why is the decision to prosecute this outrageous behavior in Wisconsin’s highest court left in the hands of a single County District Attorney acting as Judge and Jury?

How to Unseat Prosser

What hangs over David Prosser like a choke hold, is all of the suspicious allegations surrounding his whereabouts, role, and actions over the past months, that have been covered up, dismissed, or ignored in a way that leads to the question: Who is protecting him? Who is hiding what…and why?

Apparently, friends in high places are about to push another instance of this man’s irrational and highly questionable behavior under the rug. How else can one explain his escape from any punishment for actions, that you or I would be dismissed, demoted, or fired for?

The Dominos Will Fall

Clearly, this man needs to be sanctioned, charged, and unseated, but relying on the people in high places promises to be a dead end. Yet, the original sin remains under investigation. He retained his seat on the court through an election that resulted in a recount and an association with one, Kathy Nickolaus who “found” him the 14,000 votes to hold his seat. Documented evidence of election fraud was observed, reported and documented during the recount. It is here, back at the beginning, back with the evidence surrounding Kathy Nickolaus and the Spring Supreme Court Election, where the path to unseat Prosser can be found.

Here, under the Election Fraud rug,

Front to back Prosser, Walker, Kathy Nickolaus, Fitzgerald, Kevin Kennedy, Van Hollen, Darling

lies the evidence just waiting to be revealed to the light. You see, it never has been. This evidence is not in the hands of the people in high places. It is in the hands of ordinary concerned citizens who volunteered time, energy, and analysis to observe and document it.

The path to unseat Prosser is not to empower the people in high places…but to empower the people by exposing the evidence they gathered.

The privileged and powerful are protected and play by different rules than the citizens they serve.

The GAB, Sheriff’s Department, or Judicial Commission need only announce that they are conducting an “investigation” and the suspects are off the hook. Any inquiries, or questions for detail are simply met with a “no comment the matter is under investigation”. This secrecy would not be held if you attacked someone in your work place, or if your child were caught cheating on a test. Why are the privileged and powerful granted a special privilege of secrecy that you or I would never get?

But, oh, there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence to warrant a full investigation.

1) The post election meeting Prosser had with Walker to which Prosser has given three different responses on three different days: a) It didn’t happen b) I might have met him in the hall c) I don’t think I went to the Capitol that day. Which is the truth?

2) Walker’s response to the press when Prosser trailed by 200 votes, that a recount would be fair unless a bunch of votes turns up somewhere. One day later they did turn up in Brookfield. Was this a slip of revealing what he already knew?

3) The GAB announced that it was conducting an investigation of Kathy Nickolaus and her methods of counting the Waukesha vote, shortly after she made her “human error” public; the error that found 14,000 votes that put Prosser comfortably in the lead and ultimately the victor of the Supreme Court election. The latest update of progress on this investigation by the GAB, which was to be published by the end of June, is that they cannot acknowledge whether the action is on going or when, if ever, it will be complete, because the formal complaint by Kloppenburg has imposed new confidentiality restrictions that apply under state law and prevent any comment.

More evidence?

For more and more evidence of election fraud in Waukesha See “Election Merry-go-Round”

If you want to unseat Prosser demand the circumstantial evidence gathered during the Supreme Court Recount be addressed. Tell a friend. Tell an editor. Only the people will unseat Prosser.

Exclusive Interview – Prosser Judge/Jury

Free Wisconsin conducted interviews of the Judge and Jury selected to review the evidence of the June 13 incident that occurred in the chambers of Wisconsin’s highest court.
That was one day before the Supreme Court voted 4-3 to overturn a circuit court judge’s ruling that a legislative committee had violated the state’s open meetings law when it passed Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal eliminating the collective bargaining rights of most public workers.

The Judge (pictured above at top) in the case is a Republican DA from Sauk County Patricia Barret.

She was asked about her willingness to accept the case.”Yes, I accept. It’s part of my job,” She added that she was about to retire anyway.

So this assignment would be a wonderful swan song, being the Judge in case with National interest, after her 17 years of serving as a Sauk County DA.

Juror #1 in the case is a Republican DA from Sauk County Patricia Barret.

Here is her commentary:

It was not clear why Foust, chief judge of the Dane County Circuit Court, selected Barrett to handle the investigation, but it didn’t take Barrett long to respond. When Foust was asked the reasons for selecting the County DA, he emailed a terse “no comment” after being contacted for comment

Juror #3 in the case is a Republican DA from Sauk County Patricia Barret.

She quoted Tim McCumber saying “I know she’s a pretty good prosecutor,” His organization’s website declares, “Holding the line against Madison.” McCumber’s Web Site Republican Party of Sauk County

Juror # 4 in the case is a Republican DA from Sauk County Patricia Barret.

She said, “The Associated Press reported that the accounts of the other justices who were present when the alleged altercation occurred varied widely, however she declined to elaborate.”
Incident Report Found on Floor

When the interview concluded I found this file laying on the floor. It is impossible to speculate which juror dropped the report of the incident.Deputy Report of Incident #110176237

Problems Encountered With Interview

Unfortunately, many of the comments of other jurors where garbled on the taped interview. When the questions were asked, many words were hidden behind a shrill feedback. The harmonic sound on the tape had an uncanny resemblance to a tune by Tracy Chapman: “Talkin Bout a Revolution.

Below is a record of the taped interview.

I think you will agree that the garbled tape sounds very much like Tracy Chapman’s song?

Hurricane Kathy Rips Wisconsin

Kathy Leaves Path of Destruction Across State

A “KAT 4” Hurricane made landfall in the City of Brookfield in Waukesha County in April, 2011 leaving 14,000 residents stripped of their votes.
The massive storm caught the residents of Wisconsin completely unaware. Few warnings were posted by the Government Accountability Bureau regarding the severity of the storm that left thousands of Wisconsin Residents stripped of their freedoms and at the mercy of the devastating power of special interest groups such as Americans for Prosperity and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – the shadowy Koch Brothers, big tobacco, insurance companies, and a drug industry consortium.

Read “Who are the Koch Bros.- Why Should I Care?”

Governor Walker responded by suppressing the vote saying that in the future there won’t be so many votes flying about. (see side bar right)

Governor Issues Suppression Order

In an unprecedented move Governor Walker signed a vote suppression order, requiring photo ID’s, and residency requirements to discourage voter turn out, thus preventing thousands of their basic rights to vote.

Justice Prosser Left Unscathed

Judge Prosser was fleeing the path of destruction that scattered thousands of loose ballots in his direction. His car was struck by a massive Sequoia Edge voting machine. He miraculously escaped without injury, and in an ironic twist, found himself the beneficiary of the thousands of loose ballots unleashed by the storm. Governor Walker, a staunch supporter of Prosser, is quoted as saying “The votes just came out of the blue”. Read “Ballots Out of the Blue”

Why Weren’t People Warned?

Kevin Kennedy, Director of the Government Accountability Board (GAB) was severely criticized for the lack of warning offered to the people of Wisconsin in the days before the, what has been called, “The Ballot Blowout”. Speaking from under a tarp, covering himself and his board members, he stated that it wasn’t the Board’s responsibility to warn people of flying ballots, or loose vote machines. The role of the GAB was only to document the destruction after it happened and that the Board was more of mediator than a watch dog.

The warning system to alert the people of Wisconsin to the dangers of such destruction completely failed, needlessly threatening the most basic freedoms that were entrusted to the GAB and Keven Kennedy.

In the aftermath it is all to clear that a big change is needed.

I Don't Think We Are In Wisconsin Anymore!

Things like this shouldn’t be happening in Wisconsin.

Way back in April when Kathy Nickolaus found the 14,000 votes in Brookfield more than 10,000 people signed a petition within hours demanding an investigation of the Waukesha County vote tabulation. Five long months have past…

The man pictured right as the fantasy wizard of the investigation Kevin Kennedy, Director of the Government Accountability Bureau (GAB), who launched an investigation into Waukesha just days after the election.

“Come Back Tomorrow”

Just as Dorthy brought the broom from the wicked witch to the great wizard expecting answers, the “Dorthy’s” the Election Integrity group on Face book who observed the recount of the Spring Supreme Court Election, brought wizard Kennedy evidence of fraud including ripped and torn bags, a poll tape dated days before the election, and countless documented breaks in the chain of custody of the vote. They laid them at Wizard Kennedy’s feet and just as the scene in the “Wizard of Oz” he said, “Come back tomorrow”.

Well, he actually released a statement saying that the GAB could not acknowledge whether there was an on going investigation since JoAnne Kloppenburg campaign had issued a formal complaint, thus all details of any investigation were restricted under confidentiality statutes of state law.
<a href="; Read "GAB – We Promised… But?" Reid Magney, spokesman for the board, said that because a formal complaint was filed with the board by the JoAnne Kloppenburg campaign, accusing Nickolaus of election law violations, new confidentiality restrictions apply under state law.

And we waited and waited in front of the puffing smoke and fire of the GAB. Then one day we were told by the Great Wizard that an attorney had been assigned to the case! Read- Waukesha Investigation- News At Last! “Melissa Mulliken, manager for the Kloppenburg campaign, said Wednesday she had recently been notified by attorney Tim Verhoff that he was following up on the complaint she filed with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

Tim Verhoff (pictured as “Man behind the curtain” left) was appointed to “look into” the Waukesha Supreme Court election recount in the middle of July. Finally, we might expect some answers.

But Tim’s investigation seems to echo another puff of smoke and blast of fire as we hear the amplified voice of Wizard Kennedy echo through the halls of Oz, “Come back tomorrow!”.

Instead of stepping up and prioritizing the investigation before the Recall Elections to prevent the kind of vote reporting problems that occurred in Waukesha County on, yet another, election night, we have heard nothing.

Toto where are you?

Are we waiting for Toto to bite at the hem of the curtain to reveal the hidden workings and levers that Tim Verhoff and Kevin Kennedy cannot or refuse to find?

10,000 people signed a petition for an investigation, Representative Tammy Baldwin sent a letter to the Justice Department demanding a investigation, evidence has been collected documenting a host of anomalies that have never been addressed.

I don’t think we are in Wisconsin anymore. Toto where are you?