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The Arc of the Moral Universe is on the Move

From Jsonline
Madison – Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said Monday he will request a special prosecutor to make charging decisions regarding a physical altercation between two state Supreme Court justices.

Ozanne – who was involved in the litigation the justices were arguing over during the incident – announced the plan just days after receiving the investigative file from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. Investigators made no recommendation on whether to charge anyone, Ozanne said.

“I will be requesting Dane County’s chief judge (William Foust) to appoint a special prosecutor to review and make any determinations necessary in this matter due to this office’s prominent role in the litigation connected to this incident,” said a statement Ozanne issued. “Process matters. How we do our jobs is just as important as what we do in our jobs. The people of this state deserve to feel confident in the rule of law and the exercise of discretion by their constitutional officers. I take this action not because I feel this office wouldn’t be fair, but so that any decision can be free from accusations to ensure the public’s trust in the system and to allow the incident to be reviewed on the merits with no appearance of political motivation for any decisions or outcome.”

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has alleged Justice David Prosser put her in a “chokehold” during a June 13 argument, while others have said Bradley came at Prosser with her fists up and he raised his hands to block her or push her back. Four of the other five justices were nearby when the incident occurred in Bradley’s suite of offices in the Capitol.

The incident occurred a day before the deeply divided court issued a 4-3 ruling upholding Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s legislation curtailing collective bargaining for public employees.

The case started when Ozanne, a Democrat, brought a lawsuit claiming a legislative committee violated the state’s open meetings law in March in forwarding the legislation to the state Senate. Ozanne sought to invalidate the law, and implementing it was delayed for months while the case was pending.

The high court ultimately ruled key aspects of the meetings law do not apply to lawmakers.

Good News at a Very Good Time.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Theodore Parker

The quote is often attributed to Martin Luther King when it reflects the words of Theodore Parker as explained in detail Here

The altercation in the Supreme Court Chambers can be seen as the lance in the wound of the GOP tactical obliteration of political ethic and the kind of decency of human interaction we teach our children.

It is a fitting time for the dominoes to begin falling along the bend toward justice and right into the tensions of the Recall Elections. Just as the Supreme Court Chambers became the pressure point of release for the months of struggle for preserving the right of people to bargain collectively, so the recall elections will be the point of release for the months disgrace of the Rules of the Legislature, Wisconsin Statutes, and the Wisconsin Constitution by Walker and the march-in-step GOP legislature.

August 9 is a week away. Let the dominoes fall

Kapanke, Darling, Harsdorf, Olsen, Hopper, Cowles were one-and-all deaf to the people of Wisconsin who spoke at public hearings, who showed up at the Capital in the thousands, week after week, and who finally braved the March wind to gather signatures as the only way to make themselves heard.

Front to back Prosser, Walker, Kathy Nickolaus, Fitzgerald, Kevin Kennedy, Van Hollen, Darling

Call it Kharma, Divine Intervention, or Yin Yang, but there is a balance of truth over deceit.

It is the driving force in the plots of countless stories, books, films and in our own experience of life. We in Wisconsin have been waiting for some point of transition or shift in this balance to manifest itself. I don’t know how many times I have heard or read words like, “You can’t make this up.” or “Is there no shame?”, in desperate reaction to the unethical and manipulative maneuverings of the supporters and followers of Governor Scott Walker. Since February we hoped and prayed for a break in the political storm so we could dig out of the pallor that has covered the Wisconsin we know and love. Then finally, it came.

As is the case with most “straw that broke the camel’s back” moments, it came from a place you might least expect and in a manner few would predict. If the author of a court suspense novel where to introduce a character who is a justice in the highest court and who would attack and choke a fellow justice in her chambers, an editor would suggest a rewrite. It would seem a manipulative plot twist that the reader would never swallow and the editor would suggest, “Take it out”.

But it happened.

The story of JusticeProsser’s physical, and angry attack on a Justice Bradley broke yesterday. Prosser responded with statements that carried the rhythm of broken bat on a full count fly ball. First he said, “No comment.” then late last night he suggested the incident was a defensive one and he would be exonerated.

Then came the high fly ball catch, with 2 out, and in bottom of the ninth.

Justice Bradley Speaks out

Madison Wisconsin — Justice Ann Walsh Bradley came forth with a statement late Saturday saying that fellow Justice David Prosser choked her and refuting claims that she attacked him first.

“The facts are that I was demanding that he get out of my office and he put his hands around my neck in anger in a choke-hold,” she said. “Those are the facts and you can try to spin those facts and try to make it sound like I ran up to him and threw my neck into his hands, but that’s only spin.

“Matters of abusive behavior in the workplace aren’t resolved by competing press releases,” she said.

“I’m confident the appropriate authorities will conduct a thorough investigation of this incident involving abusive behavior in the workplace.”
Read the full article in Poliscoop

Walker GOP Out of Control

Many writers suggest that the GOP is coming apart at the seams; not surprising considering the cloth they chose to cut their banner for a “Balanced Budget” and “Open for Business” is stitched together with the stuff that is breaking the backs of Wisconsin families. The strangle image of Prosser’s attack on Justice Bradley is somewhat ironic. It echos the very pressure Walker has applied to working families, teachers, and all of Wisconsin. The image of strangulation fits the fear and frustration the people of Wisconsin have been experiencing since February. Only some higher force or power could have created the coincidence of it’s manifestation in the hands of Prosser.

The Truth Will Out

No doubt his hand in Waukesha “found votes” episode has taken a toll. The truth will out. We can only hope this opening of the true character of the man will spill into a full explanation of why he went of Delafield in Waukesha County when he was losing the election. What was the subject of his meeting with Walker about? What was the true nature his relationship with his former employee Kathy Nickolaus?


-both from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, Act 2, scene 2-are based on proverbs dating from at least the eleventh century.


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