Election Merry-Go-Round

Round and Round we go expecting different results?

Here we go again, round and round with impossible math coming out of Waukesha area District 8. Here is a description of “the swing” that happened on national TV.

Um, Dems better look into what is going on in district 8! MSNBC “With 62% of the vote in the dem had a 52/48 advantage, then, with 63% in the dem had a 51/49 advantage, THEN with a 64% of the votes in the republican had a 51/49 advantage. THAT CANNOT BE! A 1% swing cannot suddenly give the republican 3% points IF previously a 1% swing took away only ONE % point from the democratic challenger. THIS is the “smoking gun” – that should be investigated by the Dems TODAY. It’s PROOF Nicholas sat on democratic votes. Someone needs to get a copy of the MSNBC tape and look at what i was looking at. Again, if a 1% swing at 10pm means 1,000 votes, then, 1% swing at 11pm CANNOT mean 4,000 votes!!!”

Posted by Darcy Gustavsson of the Election Integrity group on face book.

Another election day, another statistical anomaly. Round and round. What to do?

A very hard learned lesson came down just a short time ago after the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Recount; once the polls are closed on the night of any given election the votes, poll books, machines, and chain of custody fall into the hands of the presiding town, city, or county clerk. The Government Accountability Board (GAB) then concedes all decision making authority, regarding the vote count and tabulation, to the presiding Clerk. End of story.

Kevin Kennedy and the GAB were shown ripped, torn, and slit vote bags – and the vote was counted. See post “Duct tape – REALLY?”

They were shown multiple instances where vote bag numbers did not match those of record sheets – and the vote was counted.

They were shown poll tapes that were dated days BEFORE the election – and the vote was counted. <a href="https://fitzwalkerstan.wordpress.com/2011/05/26/fraud-11-pesky-poll-tape/&quot;

They were informed that even though Kath Nickolaus had dismissed herself from the vote count, all of the votes, poll tapes, and software were stored in her office! – and the vote was counted.

They were made aware of the statistical analysis regarding return vote from past elections compared to the Supreme Court election showing impossible departures – and the vote was counted. See Waukesha – Which Numbers Would You Bet On?

Fool me once..

As a result of this experience, a letter was written to all the campaigns to seek a court injunction to have all the votes and election materials impounded after the polls closed.
See GET INJUNCTION -Protect Recall Votee. A letter or fax was sent to each Democratic Campaign stating the importance of seeking such an injunction, along with links to the precedent of the action in an election in New York State. (The letter is included in the “comments” below the post linked above). Calls were also made and the letter was faxed to AFSME and WEAC to suggest that they get a legal team to seek an injunction.

I called the Pasch campaign and asked if they had sought an injunction for impounding the votes when the polls closed, and was told that they had the observers and attorneys on the ground to protect the vote and were satisfied with the steps they had taken to insure election integrity.

No injunction was sought or issued. The votes, poll tapes, and documentation of the election could be anywhere.

Round we go.

Now, a day after the election, anomalies are discovered and people are demanding a investigation of Kathy Nickolaus and vote tabulation in District 8. Similar demands were made to the State Department and the GAB when the 14000 votes were found in the City of Brookfield. In fact, there is, and has been, a foot dragging investigation by the GAB of Nickolaus’s election tabulation activities for months and a report was promised by Kevin Kennedy at the end of last June. (See post “Invesigation Dinasaur”) Not only was the report never issued, but the GAB refused to even acknowledge any investigation after Kloppenburg filed a formal complaint, citing Wisconsin Statutes regarding confidentiality.

The only mention of an the Nickolaus investigation came on July 13th with the announcement that Attorney Tim Verhoff (pictured right)Tim Verhoff is in charge of conducting the investigation into the Acitivities of Kathy Nickolaus – County Clerk of Waukesha County. See “Waukesha Investigation – News at Last” for his bio and contact info.

Perhaps, the new anomalies that occurred again last night in District 8 will finally push Kevin Kennedy and the GAB to move the investigation of Kathy Nickolaus forward.

If not, it is time to change the focus of the investigation to Kevin Kennedy and the GAB itself.


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