THE VOTE (as we know it) IS IN!

“They may very well have won all six.”

One Moment In Time

In the Wisconsin Lottery, what is the chance that Badger Five and Mega Bucks would produce the same winning numbers in a single draw? A similar impossible coincidence happened in tabulating the vote count in three separate Districts during the Recall Election.

Observation of Jeannie Dean in the Election Integrity group on face book.

Jeannie Dean identical spreads 48%-52% in D2, D10, and D14 – all the repub victories outside of Waukesha’s late results…again. (See full explanation in the “comment section”)

That’s right. The spreads were exactly the same for some time before the Waukesha results entered the picture. The Badger Five and Mega Bucks numbers were the same!

Richard Charnin

Days BEFORE the recall election Richard Charnin published a scientific,statistical analysis about what to expect in the August 9 election.See “1” Seat or “6” All About Turnout

The emphasis on the word “before” is to wave of the accusations of whining about the post election results.

Richard’s comment on Election Integrity group on face book

“In a pre-election post, I indicated that only election fraud could keep the Democrats from winning three of the six GOP recall elections. They won two. This post-election analysis indicates that they did much better than that.” They may very well have won all six.
See Richard’s full post election analysis

More and more suspicious vote return numbers.

Observation of Hannah Miyamoto in Election Integrity group on face book.

The most suspicious thing about the Pasch/Darling race is the turnout:

Waukesha Co.: 1,226 votes per precinct.
Washington Co.: 1,205 votes per precinct.
Ozaukee Co.: 1,093 votes per precinct.

Milwaukee Co.: 735 votes per precinct.

Where was the “enthusiasm gap?” Are those last 12 Milwaukee Co. precincts (prob. places like Glendale and Shorewood) going to deliver even 12,000 more votes?
Remember that the heavily African-American parts of Milwaukee are out of the district.

Why was the turnout Milwaukee County turnout so low….or WAS the Milwaukee County turnout so low?

Darcy Gustavsson of Election Integrity group on face book, comments on another imporbability

KN, and Waukesha County, were not the problems in this election. Washington and Ozaukee counties were. Here’s the proof:
In Waukesha Cty, 69.4% of Wasserman’s ’08 voters turned out for Pasch, 78.4% of Darling’s ’08 voters returned (a 9 point difference).
In Washington Cty, 61% of Wasserman’s ’08 voters turned out for Pasch, 77.1% of Darling’s ’08 returned (a 16.1% difference)!
In Ozaukee Cty, 67.6% of Wasserman’s ’08 voters turned out for Pasch, 84.1% of Darling’s voters ’08 returned (a 16.5% difference)!

What happened to the Dems in Washington County? In Ozaukee County?
These questions MUST BE ANSWERED.

No word from the Pasch Campaign. Strong words retracted from the Democratic Party.

The Pasch face book and web site has gone silent since the unofficial vote tally was posted, and we can only assume that the anomalies are being investigated.

The Democratic Chairman, Mike Tate, came out with a strong statement on election night using the words “vote tampering” in reference to Waukesha. A short time later the statement was retracted saying he was out of line and responding to the pressure and heat of the moment.

Meanwhile we wait for news from the Pasch Campaign, the Democratic Party, the Government Accountability Board, Kevin Kennedy.

The only thing we know for sure is the Elections should not be this way.


3 thoughts on “THE VOTE (as we know it) IS IN!

  1. Ooopsy! Dennis – the identical spread was 48%-52%, not 42%-58% – SO sorry! I think that post was one of many I was typing out on election night in all the threads, may have confused my own self! My bad!


  2. Noting: The D2 Cowles / Nusbaum race was the first one called (approx 9:30pm CT), with the same 48% to 52% spread (Cowles) called in D10 simultaneously (Harsdorf) – the race called for Harsdorf shortly thereafter. D2 held at 48%-52% until much later in the evening when it shifted dramatically to 60%-40% (Cowles). D10 stayed at 48% – 52% for as long as I was watching the numbers (approx 3:00 am PT.)

    Then, as reported by others, around midnight the Darling / Pasch D8 vote spread comes in at the SAME PERCENTAGE: 48% / 52% (favoring Pasch) …by 12:20 we see the same vote spread but now in favor of Darling.


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