Walking a Wisconsin mile in Prosser's Shoes

Should Prosser be recused or simply recalled once and for all

You can probably recall a instance in your youth when you criticized someone and were told by your mom or dad to “walk a mile in their shoes”. You might remember the song performed by Elvis Presley written by Joe South.

So, taking that advise, lets take a little walk in Justice David Prosser’s shoes.

Lyrics | Joe South lyricsWalk A Mile In My Shoes lyrics

Ok let’s slip on the Prosser shoes and take them to your place of work.

Let’s say you work in a retail store and a coworker is claiming the commission on a sale. An argument ensues and you lose your cool. You tell her “You bitch! I will destroy you!”. What would be the result of your actions? Do you think you might be fired?

But let’s walk a little further in the Prosser shoes.

Let’s just say you are a bank teller. You really want to be promoted to bank manager, but one of your coworkers gets the promotion. You approach her and suggest she stole the position from you. She moves torward you with her hands in the air. You place your hands around her neck. What would be the result of your actions? Do you think you would keep your job?

But we are not done with our little walk yet; we have another quarter mile to go in the Prosser shoes.

Let’s say you are an alderman of the city council of “Walk-a-mileville”. The city is voting on awarding a construction contract. Just a month ago you paid one of the companies on the list, $75,000 to rebuild your home when it was partially destroyed by fire. Would you dismiss yourself from contract vote for ethical reasons? If not, would you expect the other bidding construction companies to view the decision as just?

So, you have walked the mile in Prosser’s proverbial shoes. A person who does not know whether he should be recused in the above example, is asking us for a vote of confidence in his ability to exact justice in the State’s highest court?

1) He has lashed out at one of his fellow Justices in the work place, and called her a “bitch”.

2) He has been involved in a physical altercation in the work place where he has been publicly accused of choking a fellow Justice.

3) He is involved in a case where he paid one of the parties involved $75,000 for legal services in his recount of the Spring Supreme Court Election.
Read Cap Times “Crime and Courts: Campaign finance case puts Prosser in the hot seat — again”

I am putting the Prosser shoes on the back stoop. They smell.


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