Exclusive Interview – Prosser Judge/Jury

Free Wisconsin conducted interviews of the Judge and Jury selected to review the evidence of the June 13 incident that occurred in the chambers of Wisconsin’s highest court.
That was one day before the Supreme Court voted 4-3 to overturn a circuit court judge’s ruling that a legislative committee had violated the state’s open meetings law when it passed Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal eliminating the collective bargaining rights of most public workers.

The Judge (pictured above at top) in the case is a Republican DA from Sauk County Patricia Barret.

She was asked about her willingness to accept the case.”Yes, I accept. It’s part of my job,” She added that she was about to retire anyway.

So this assignment would be a wonderful swan song, being the Judge in case with National interest, after her 17 years of serving as a Sauk County DA.

Juror #1 in the case is a Republican DA from Sauk County Patricia Barret.

Here is her commentary:

It was not clear why Foust, chief judge of the Dane County Circuit Court, selected Barrett to handle the investigation, but it didn’t take Barrett long to respond. When Foust was asked the reasons for selecting the County DA, he emailed a terse “no comment” after being contacted for comment

Juror #3 in the case is a Republican DA from Sauk County Patricia Barret.

She quoted Tim McCumber saying “I know she’s a pretty good prosecutor,” His organization’s website declares, “Holding the line against Madison.” McCumber’s Web Site Republican Party of Sauk County

Juror # 4 in the case is a Republican DA from Sauk County Patricia Barret.

She said, “The Associated Press reported that the accounts of the other justices who were present when the alleged altercation occurred varied widely, however she declined to elaborate.”
Incident Report Found on Floor

When the interview concluded I found this file laying on the floor. It is impossible to speculate which juror dropped the report of the incident.Deputy Report of Incident #110176237

Problems Encountered With Interview

Unfortunately, many of the comments of other jurors where garbled on the taped interview. When the questions were asked, many words were hidden behind a shrill feedback. The harmonic sound on the tape had an uncanny resemblance to a tune by Tracy Chapman: “Talkin Bout a Revolution.

Below is a record of the taped interview.

I think you will agree that the garbled tape sounds very much like Tracy Chapman’s song?


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