Jolly Old K Nickolaus…Ho Ho Ho

Christmas came early to Waukesha County Clerk Nickolaus this year.

Jolly Old K Nickolaus

Lean your ear this way

Don’t you tell a sing soul

What I’m going to say

MADISON, WI – Based upon an extensive independent investigation into the actions of Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus after the Spring Election, the Government Accountability Board found probable cause to believe that she violated the state law requiring county clerks to post all returns on Election Night, but concluded that the violation was not willful and therefore did not constitute criminal misconduct.

Santa came in the form of Investigating Attorney Verhoff with the backing of his trusty elf GAB Directory Kevin Kennedy (pictured above ho ho ho)

They confirmed that all of the officials in Waukesha County were good little boys and girls who would never cheat, lie, or do anything naughty with voting software, vote bags, or inspector sheets. HO HO HO

They said it on a more official and lawyerly way of course.

Hear Yea! Hear Yea!

Public trust in the election process is essential. The poor condition of ballot bags and
potential breaks in the chain of custody of ballot bags can foster an environment where
members of the public begin to doubt the integrity of an election and begin to engage in
conspiracy theories. But given the number of individuals in addition to Ms. Nickolaus who would have to be involved in a conspiracy to engage in the type of fraudulent election practices described above, it appears highly unlikely to have occurred. The likelihood of a conspiracy also is negated when one looks at the results of the election. The vote totals for the City of Brookfield were provided to a reporter on election night and published to the public by BrookfieldPatch. These are the same vote totals ultimately reported to the state Canvass Reporting system the morning after the election, certified by the Waukesha Board of Canvass and confirmed during the statewide recount.

Ah….highly unlikely. Ah…of course.

Because this sort of highly unlikely consortium of conspiratorial collaboration has never been seen else where.

Yet all it takes is a little journey into a Christmas past. to prove that just such a conspiracy is not only likely, but has occurred in the recent past….

The verdict capped the latest phase of a federal investigation that has blown a hole in the power structure that held sway in Manchester and Clay County for years.

Jury convicts all 8 defendants in Clay vote-buying case

By Bill Estep —

FRANKFORT — Some of the most powerful public officials in Clay County corrupted elections in recent years, buying and stealing votes in pursuit of power and money, a federal jury ruled Thursday.

Posted: 12:00am on Mar 26, 2010; Modified: 6:20am on Sep 17, 2011
By Bill Estep


Other significant events in the long-running federal investigation in Clay County:

Oct. 25, 2005: Jennings B. White, who served two terms as county clerk, admits laundering money for a large-scale drug trafficker. He said he got involved with the man while in office. He is sentenced to 90 months in prison, fined $25,000 and forfeits $650,000 to the government.

Feb. 5, 2007: Vernon Hacker, a former Manchester council member and director of the local 911 system, pleads guilty to being involved in drug trafficking. A drug dealer said Hacker tipped him off about police activity. He is sentenced to 120 months in prison.

April 27, 2007:D. Kennon White, whose father, Manchester Mayor Daugh White, created a job for him as city manager in 2004, pleads guilty to extorting kickbacks from a contractor and involvement in paving private driveways with taxpayers’ money for political gain. The charges remain sealed for months as he helped federal investigators. He has not been sentenced.

Aug. 13, 2007: Daugh White, who served 28 years as Manchester mayor before losing in 2006, pleads guilty to extortion and paving private drives. He is sentenced to 84 months and a $100,000 fine.

Aug. 15, 2007:Darnell Hipsher, former Manchester city council member , pleads guilty to taking part in the scheme to pave private drives. He is sentenced to 46 months.

Aug. 17, 2007: Todd Roberts, a former assistant police chief in Manchester, pleads guilty to involvement in having a drug dealer burn down a vacant house so the city could buy the property for construction of a new police and 911 building. He is sentenced to 87 months in prison, a $15,000 fine and restitution of $25,000.

Nov. 20, 2007: Magistrate Fred Clinton Johnson pleads guilty to buying votes in the May 2002 primary. He is sentenced to 14 months in prison and fined $10,000.

March 17, 2008: Charles “Dobber” Weaver, Manchester fire chief, pleads guilty to stealing votes in 2006 when he was a precinct officer. The scam involved duping voters into walking away from new, unfamiliar voting machines before completing their choices, then switching the votes. He has not been sentenced.

March 19, 2009: Authorities arrest eight people on vote-fraud charges in the latest phase of the continuing investigation, including longtime Circuit Judge R. Cletus Maricle, school Superintendent Douglas C. Adams and county Clerk Freddy W. Thompson. Magistrate Stanley Bowling is charged later.

May 29, 2009: Paul Bishop, a former precinct worker charged in the case, pleads guilty to buying votes. He has not been sentenced.

The jury convicted all eight people on trial, including former Circuit Judge R. Cletus Maricle, 66, and former school Superintendent Douglas C. Adams, 58, on a charge that they engaged in organized criminal acts to rig elections.

After a seven-week trial, jurors deliberated about nine hours before convicting the defendants on all the charges they faced, which included vote-buying, mail fraud, extortion and money laundering.

Read more: Read more

They face up to 20 years each on some charges.

It took a federal investigation to uncover the eight year long conspiracy of election fraud in Clay County

Santa Verhoff and his Elf Kennedy are satisfied with unlikely?

New Spring Election Details – Prosser's Delafield Mission

Ironically this post was being composed as the news of the GAB that NO criminal action was found against Kathy Nickolaus …REALLY?

Suspicious events of April 6 – 7

On the Wednesday April 6, the morning after the April 5 Supreme Court Election, Kloppenburg was ahead of Prosser by some 200 votes. The press was calling her the winner, and she even made her victory speech. The people of Wisconsin who went to bed that early morning with the belief that JoAnne Kloppenburg had won the election, would find out on the following Thursday April 7 that Kathy Nickolaus, County Clerk of Waukesha had found 14.000 votes in the city of Brookfield that would put Prosser comfortably in the lead.

Some very suspicious meetings, and announcements were afoot on the day after the election.

Prosser retreated to Delafield (Waukesha County) as the election returns were coming in,

“…to find out what the hell was going on”.

We can only speculate who he met with or what possibilities were discussed. We only know that he returned to Madison and met with Walker.

The allegation that Prosser met with Walker in his office on June 6 was included in the Kloppenburg complaint which triggered the recount. When questioned about this meeting on three different occasions, Prosser responded with three different recollections:
1) There was never such a meeting
2) I might have met him outside his office
3) I don’t think I was at the Capitol that day.

The press conference called by Walker would have been after the alleged meeting with Prosser but before Kathy Nickolaus would “discover ballots out of the blue” in the City of Brookfield in Waukesha County.

We can safely assume that Walker knew of the “found vote” at the time he made his “votes out of the blue statement” from the Item A report below.

Item A
A Report submitted to on-going investigation of a recount operative for Kloppenburg

In a private conversation, a poll worker shared with recount workers that Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus discovered that she had forgotten to include Brookfield’s votes much earlier than publicly reported, and did tell county officials immediately.

But she was told to hold off on notifying the G.A.B. In fact, the G.A.B. was not notified until 3 pm on Thursday that the canvass of votes had been completed, and the error of the Brookfield votes had been discovered. Meanwhile reports of the error and new totals were heard on right-wing radio on as early as Wednesday evening.

In failing to tell the G.A.B. of such a significant error, one that clearly changed the outcome of the election, the worker said, “It’s just like when she was in the Senate…. She was just doing what she was told to do.”

This incident confirmed to recount workers that firstly, things were being covered up with regard to the reporting of the ‘forgotten’ Brookfield votes; and secondly, that Kathy Nickolaus was not acting alone.

Why would Kathy Nickolaus be instructed to delay the “found vote” to the public?

The instructions to Kathy Nickolaus to delay releasing the “found vote” information, came at the time Prosser (her former boss) was in Delafield “to find out what the hell was going on”. This was the same time window when the Waukesha Patch and other right wing blogs got wind of the “found vote”. The press and public would not be informed until the following day.


Since delaying the announcement would only serve to draw suspicion from the public and press, it suggests even though the window of time of the delay would be suspect, that this consideration of heightened suspicion was out weighed by another more pressing need…What?

This is What Election Fraud Looks Like

Why was the Wednesday April 6 through Thursday April 7 window of time necessary? Because the 14,000 votes had been flipped electronically, but there was the other problem of the paper trail. It took time to make the actual physical ballots correspond to the flipped vote. Vote bags had to be stuffed with Prosser votes and unloaded with Kloppenburg votes for the ballot total to match the machine poll tape counts.

Is it even possible to flip votes or hack the electronic voting machines in current use in Wisconsin elections? Don’t take may word for it. The short video below features the public testimony of Curtis before a Congressional Committee in 2004 and Republican Representative Pridemore’s recent statement in the Assembly Committee for Campaign and Election Reform this past Summer.

So, alleging and assuming that the vote had already been electronically flipped by Wednesday, more time was necessary to adjust the ballots in the vote bags to match that electronic flip. Was that done? Is there any evidence to support the tampering of ballots in vote bags? OH yes.

The most blatant and obvious examples of such ballot bag tampering came out of (Waukesha County) Genesse and (say it with me) Delafield.

For Genesse ballot bag tampering (break in the chain of custody) evidence see NEW Proof of Waukesha Election Fraud

But we are talking about Prosser’s destination to “find out what the hell is going on” Delafield. Turns out, that is a very good question”

What the hell is going on in Delafield?

An extra bag of votes shows up not marked, not accounted for, and counted anyway!

Item B
Waukesha County SC Recount: Anomalies in Town of Delafield
Thursday, 4/28
Town of Delafield Wards 1, 2, 5 & 6

Shortly after sharing our concerns with Susan Crawford Thursday morning, 4/28, relative to what we should do when/if presented with another ballot bag that appeared to be improperly bagged, sealed, witnessed, or recorded on the Inspector’s Statement duly signed and witnessed on election night, the BoC proceeded to put three ballot bags on the counting table.

We immediately noted that the Inspectors’ Statement made no note of Bag #3. Once again, the Town of Delafield representative offered an excuse: the poll workers had only prepared two bags in advance, realized they needed a third, bagged the votes, sealed the bag and ‘forgot’ to write the seal# on the inspectors’ Statement.

Atty Bill Hotz immediately objected to opening the bag; Mawdsley said he would call the GAB. The bag was opened, over our objections. But Mawdsley did agree to count the 288 ballots contained in that bag separately.

That’s not all folks, in fact, this pattern of open, winged, and improperly marked bags became a disturbing merry-go-round, time after time, in the Waukesha recount. Each time the an objection came around retired Judge Mawdsley (the replacement County Clerk for recused Nickolaus) gave the brass ring to Prosser and ordered the votes to be counted.

Item C

Friday 4/29
Town of Delafield Wards 3 & 4

2 Ballot bags were placed on the ballot counting table.
Bag 1 of 2 was closed, tagged and labeled on the inspector’s Statement with seal #3167633.
Bag 2 of 2 was closed, tagged and labeled with seal #3164850. Seal #3165447 was originally listed on the inspectors’ Statement. See picture.

The Chief Inspector who signed the document, testified that she “just wrote the ‘wrong number’ down on the Inspectors’ Statement” and then corrected it.

We objected to the ballots in bag #2 being counted; the BoC determined that the Chief Inspector had given sufficient enough explanation for the overwrite and proceeded to open and unpack the ballots. Our objections were noted and the report was entered into the record as an exhibit.

Saving the best Delafield example for last. The Bag Within A Bag story.

Item D

Town of Delafield Wards 7 & 8

When this bag was placed on the ballot counting table, it was immediately apparent that the original seal number – #3166588 – had been crossed out on the label. The new tag seal #3165444 closing the bag matched the new number on the label, initialed by Town of Delafield municipal clerk Mary Elsner.

However, the Inspectors’ Statement originally showed Seal tag #3167090 (not # 3166588) crossed off and replaced with #3165444.

The Municipal Clerk offered the following written explanation:

“When the Chief Inspector delivered the ballot bags to the Town Hall on the evening of

4/5/11, it was discovered that the weight of the ballots caused a slight tear in the bag. We [she and her deputy town clerk] replaced the seal, crossed out the original seal number, initialed the cross out and entered the new number on the ballot bag and resealed it with the new number.”

She submitted a written statement to that effect, for the record. But that statement, made no sense for two reasons:

1)it did not explain why the original seal #’s were 3166588 on the bag, but 3167090 on the Inspectors’ Statement, and

2) it did not explain how or why the actual ballots were found in a clean ‘extra’ ballot bag inside the original ballot bag.

So the JK recount team asked the Town Clerk to explain how that could happen. Upon further questioning, she settled on the following story:

A ballot bag was prepared, filled and sealed at the polling place on election night. When it was delivered to the Town Hall, the Municipal Clerk decided that it had been improperly sealed (the edges had not been folded under.) So she cut off the tag, folded the bag properly, and attached a new seal.

Before she could write the second seal # on the label and the Inspectors’ Statement, she decided the bag was too heavy. So she clipped the second tag seal, took out all the ballots, repackaged them into a clean, unused ballot bag and placed that back into the first (original, supposedly torn) ballot bag. She then sealed and put a new, third seal tag on the original bag, duly noting the number on the label and the Inspectors’ Statement.

So, Prosser’s “what the hell is going on in Delafield” begins to take the shape of a tampered ballot bag

Through all tragi/comedy of bag errors – ballots appear to be stuffed. What does all this Delafield stuffing have to do with the 14,000 votes “found” in the City of Brookfield? You know the old adage about a skunk does not scent it’s own hole? It would be too obvious to ransack the bags in the ward where the votes were “found”, but it might serve as a diversion for all the the activity in Genesse and Delafeild.

The investigation keeps going, and going, and going…
Perhaps the scenario above, is where the evidence leads. The investigation has been on going since the votes were “found” all of nearly a half of a year. The attorney assigned to the investigation has submitted his report and recommendations. Now we wait, yet again, for the Government Accountability Board to initiate further action, when it is really quite simple. The record of vote flipping is easily discovered through the forensic examination of the programing cards used in the machines. It really would have been much easier to that in the first place, and make the whole time consuming and expensive recount process unnecessary.

Now is the time to forensically examine Kathy Nickolaus’ lap top computer, and all the the electronic programing used in the Spring Supreme Court Election.

Here Comes Da Judge!

Look What They’ve Done to My State

For readers who are unfamiliar with the post title, Dewey “Pigmeat” Markham (April 18, 1904 – December 13, 1981) played a hilarious judge that grew from the success of Sammy Davis’s appearance and led to Markham’s opportunity to perform his signature Judge character during his one season on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.
It is said that “here comes the judge” was the first recorded rap in history, and led to the creation of what rap as we know it today is.?

THREE Separate Investigations On Going in Wisconsin

On going investigation of Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus was initiated last Spring to question her methods and integrity in tabulating the vote in the Spring Supreme Court Election.

On going investigation by a Milwaukee County prosecutor who is examining allegations that abortion opponents and unions offered rewards for volunteers who signed up sympathetic voters in Wisconsin’s high-stakes Senate recall elections.

On going John Doe investigation since last November examining illegal fund raising, campaigning on the job on taxpayer’s timers, and pay to play rewards to campaign contributors.

What is the common denominator in this cancer of corruption that has sent District Attorneys, lawyers and the FBI crisscrossing the State, raiding homes, and confiscating computer hard drives of the most protected and powerful operatives in our State?

The most ineffectual leader in the State’s History

Regardless of the specific legislative actions he has championed, the speeches he has delivered, or the means he has employed to further his fringe conservative agenda – He is not a leader, he is not “Wisconsin”, he has perpetrated a universally destructive psychological civil war that brings out the very worst in all of us. All of us. Republican, Democrat, Tea party, Union – like a debilitating psycho-political cancer he as left no cell of our social identity unscathed.

Like a cancer, the deep consciousness of humanity has been infected so that good cells of all political identities have divided and multiplied to virulently attack one another, to leave the whole state stricken immobile, flat on its back with the IV tube of investigations, partisan law suites, and never ending protests trickling through our veins with hope to keep us alive.

But, the cancer is movement for control “period”. The early signs of infection; the enlarged tumor of massive demonstration, the radiation treatment of recall elections, the on-going exploratory surgery of investigations looking for John Doe – are all causes of the need to control the organism with the effect of attacking the human heart and ending the life of the victim.

The tragedy is that the function of our Democracy – our constitution, courts, and statutes that define our government – is flat on its back, struggling for life. Our government is hospitalized and dysfunctional fighting this internal disease at a time when we need it the most. And we monitor the vital signs, and we call John Doe and say, “You better come”.

We are tired as we sit silent at the bedside, our eyes meet occasionally in glances that say, “We need a miracle”. And those words color an image, a hope, a real force that is this side of God, heaven, and the ethereal…

Our Next Adventure Forward!

“Our next adventure forward”…were the final words of Russ Feiengold’s concession speech when he lost the election to Ron Johnson. Let the adventure begin…

I don’t know Rick Wayne. His “open letter” was posted on face book by a friend of his on Friday Nov. 5. I am posting it below the concession speech of Russ Feingold because it expresses what is so deeply felt by so many of us.

Senator Russell Feingold

506 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

3 November 2010

Dear Senator Feingold:

Thank you.

That’s not how I wanted this letter to start. I wanted it to start “Congratulations”.

Thank you for making me proud of Wisconsin. For eighteen years, no matter what shenanigans went on in Washington, or in the statehouse for that matter, I could still be proud of us. Because we had Russ Feingold, and had sent him to office three times.

Thank you for leading. Leadership isn’t just sprinting out in front of whatever direction the herd is already headed; a leader figures out where we should be heading, and points the way, even when the herd doesn’t want to follow.

Thank you for showing my kids what it’s like to have principles, and to stick to them. You won’t be in office come January, more’s the pity. The biggest reason, of course, is that you stuck to those principles and refused the torrent of outside money that surely would have defeated Mr. Johnson’s barrage of negative ads. But the memory of what you stood for, in this campaign and for the past eighteen years, and how you stood up for it, even when you were in the minority, even when you were a minority of one — that’s not going to go away. Ever.

Thank you for giving me hope, in a time when it seemed nothing came out of Washington but more wars, ever more blatant corruption, and endless attacks on civil liberties. I really did feel like someone was representing me there, trying to stop the wars, working against “the best policies money can buy”, and most of all reminding the American people that their Constitution meant something, that tearing up its guarantees in exchange for bogus protections from manufactured fear was a fool’s game.

None of it was a waste, Senator Feingold. Not a minute of it. I know a place in history is small consolation to a man who would rather still be working to make history. But yours is secure, Senator. We won’t forget.


Rick Wayne

Madison, Wisconsin


Ask Russ Feingold to be our Governor. If we ever needed a flashmob effort to draft a proven leader, it is now!

Russ Feingold and Progressives United are dedicated to empowering Americans to take back their right to free speech and fair elections.

Go to the links below….now. Pledge to volunteer. Pledge your money.
Share, post, make a poster, create, unite, Ask Russ Feingold to be our Governor.

Progressives United on Face Book

Progressives United Web Page

"John Doe" Walker on panel – NBC State of Education Today

This is like asking Bernie Madoff to talk about ethical strategies for investors

Walker’s selection to be on the panel of this forum is a slap in the face to the people of Wisconsin or at least well over half of them, according to his 60% disapproval rating, and that was before John Doe investigation heated up last week.

The State of Education: The Governor’s Perspective


NBC News’ Brian Williams, along with Correspondent Kate Snow, will host governors from states across the country for a special “Education Nation” panel session focused on education and economic competitiveness, entitled The State of Education: The Governor’s Perspective. Scheduled for Monday, September 26th, the discussion will cover a myriad of major issues facing state leadership such as budget cuts, the Common Core and college readiness, No Child Left Behind, the role of teachers unions, early childhood education, teacher effectiveness, college affordability and completion, charter schools, online learning, and Race to the Top. Assembled governors will also field education questions from their own constituents, including: teachers, principals, parents and students. To date, confirmed governors include Gov. Lincoln Chafee (RI), Gov. Nathan Deal (GA), Gov. Mary Fallin (OK), Gov. Bill Haslam (TN), Gov. John Hickenlooper (CO), Gov. Paul LePage (ME), Gov. Jack Markell (DE), Gov. Bob McDonnell (VA), Gov. Sean Parnell (AK), and Gov. Scott Walker (WI).

NBC Chooses to Salt the Wounds of the People

What is more astonishing is that Brian Williams and Kate Snow don’t even get it! The very thought of selecting Walker to speak about Education in a national forum, offer his rejected policies credibility while providing him another opportunity to voice the sound bites that have already bitten teachers, students, and administrators with sharp and gnawing teeth to the point of bleeding. Wisconsin has fought, struggled, protested, and collected recall signatures in a long hard Spring and Summer to demonstrate unified rejection of Walker’s push to dismantle teacher’s unions with illegal and covert tactics to open the door to privatization of education.

Where was NBC during this struggle? Where was the panel discussion of Teachers from Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio? Where was NBC during the peoples’ struggle? You failed to cover any of the wounded soldiers in the battlefield, and now you offer the attacking Bush-like general an appearance aboard the ship with a helmet and uniform, smiling and waving “Mission Accomplished”?

Will The Real Questions be Left Out Again?

Most “coverage” of the conservative attack on teacher’s unions, and public education recent months, has ignored the obvious “smoking gun”. (Oh, I hope NBC will not ignore it, yet again.) A weapon of mass destruction so real and obvious that there was no need for an invading army to seek it out, but NBC is likely to politely pretend that what happened to education in Wisconsin was all Scott Walker’s idea. He and the majority GOP legislature thought of it all by themselves, as questions are asked with the “you” pronoun, to Scott Walker, defining the boundary of ideation with the Governor and no one else, while the “smoking gun” that is smelling up the room with acrid fumes stinking to high heaven, are likely to be ignored…yet again.

Read My Lips “ALEC”

The real “smoking gun” is ALEC. The American Legislative Exchange Council, fueled by fringe conservative donors like the Koch Brothers, lurking in the shadows as far back as the Thompson administration, but it took the “awakened giant” in Wisconsin to begin to expose its long history of elite manipulation of state legislative decisions. ALEC is the entity responsible for initiating all of the legislation to curtail collective bargaining and privatize education in Wisconsin and nationwide. It is not the goal of this post to further prove the covert workings of ALEC in the lives Americans. No. ALEC is no longer a secret in Wisconsin, but as NBC salts our wounds and features Walker as a Governor who represents some vital force for public education, will we at last be vindicated, just a little? Will someone in the mainstream media finally ask the “smoking gun” question? The ALEC question?

We will see…

Walkergate Immunity?

What is Immunity?

Immunity from prosecution occurs when a prosecutor grants immunity, usually to a witness in exchange for testimony or production of other evidence. It is immunity because the prosecutor essentially agrees to never prosecute the crime that the witness might have committed in exchange for said evidence.

The prosecution may grant immunity in one of two forms. Transactional immunity (colloquially known as “blanket” or “total” immunity) completely protects the witness from future prosecution for crimes related to his or her testimony. “Use and derivative use” immunity prevents the prosecution only from using the witness’s own testimony or any evidence derived from the testimony against the witness. However, should the prosecutor acquire evidence substantiating the supposed crime—independently of the witness’s testimony—the witness may then be prosecuted for same.

While prosecutors at the state level may offer a witness either transactional or use and derivative use immunity, at the federal level, use and derivative use immunity is the norm.


“You can fool some of the people some of the time…”

It’s a “Big Deal”

Gov. Scott Walker’s chief spokesman Cullen Werwie (pictured left), has been granted immunity in the ongoing John Doe investigation of the governor’s current and former aides, it was learned Friday.
records show Werwie was granted immunity April 14. According to the judge’s order, Werwie was planning to invoke his Fifth Amendment right not to answer questions to avoid self-incrimination.

“It is a big deal,” said Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer Stephen E. Kravit. “He recognizes he’s got (criminal) exposure and he negotiated for a proffer to get immunity, and that’s a big deal.

Werwie joined Walker’s campaign after the September primary and stayed on when Walker took office in January. He earns $61,000 per year.

JS Online Article

Prank Phone Call Allegations “baseless?”

When Walker “thought” he was talking to David Koch in the prank phone conversation in late February, he let slip the words that suggested his ties to people who could help him, “shore’em up”.

Walker: So it’s, uh, this is ground zero, there’s no doubt about it. But, uh, I think, you know, for us, I just keep telling, I call, I tell the speaker, the senate majority leader every night, give me a list of the people I need to call at home, “to shore ’em up”.

Democrats interpreted this comment to suggest that Walker was calling people with money to protect any potential wafflers to his plan in the legislature, and filed an ethics complaint. A reaction to the filing showed up on a Walker supporters blog, in which Werwie’s name comes up, with the heading:” GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER….STANDS DOWN THE WHINING DEMS…”

Meanwhile, the state Democratic Party on Monday filed an ethics complaint against Mr. Walker,alleging, among other things, that he violated campaign-finance laws during a recorded prank call recently posted online. The Democrats contend that Mr. Walker’s apparent request for help shoring up politically vulnerable Republican lawmakers from a caller he thought was a wealthy campaign donor constituted “illegal third-party coordination,” of campaign donations. Mr. Walker’s spokesman, Cullen Werwie, called the allegations baseless.
immunity Read Article

Were the Walker comments to the fake David Koch baseless? Did the ethics complaint by the Dems back in April open a door to fuel the fire of the John Doe investigation?

Walker: No Comment
Werwie: No Comment

Who else is on the “Granted Immunity” list?

Railroad lobbyist Ken Lucht and Republican operative Rose Ann Dieck.

Lucht is the manager of community development with Wisconsin & Southern Railroad. He received immunity on Jan. 14.

What does Lucht’s involvement with Wisconsin & Southern have to do with a Walkergate investigation? Why would Lucht be granted immunity?

Would you invest $166,000 to get a cool $14 MILLION? That’s what William Gardener did. Oh, and it was your money. William Gardener of Wisconsin & Southern Railroad was caught for the illegal campaign donation to Walker for Governor. Not because the GAB was vigilant or aggressive, but because a disgruntled former girl friend blew the train whistle on him.

The Government Accountability Board’s investigation into illegal campaign contributions made by Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Company and its owner, William Gardner, resulted in two felony charges and a record $166,900 forfeiture by the company.

That’s a lot of cash. But just look at what Gardener’s railroad received as compensation.

Here is a list of grant money awarded to his railroad: Governor Walker announces freight rail awards totaling over $25 million

March 11, 2011

Governor Scott Walker today announced 11 state awards totaling $25,515,123 that will be used to construct freight rail-related facilities, and preserve and upgrade rail infrastructure as part of overall efforts to support job growth and Wisconsin’s economy

Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. – (414) 438-8220
5300 N. 33rd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209

Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement: The Wisconsin & Southern Railroad (WSOR) will receive a total of $3,647,149 in grant funds to cover 80 percent of costs for emergency rehabilitation and reconstruction work on system bridges in Rock, Dane and Green County.

Madison to Milton Phase II Track Rehabilitation: The Wisconsin & Southern Railroad (WSOR) will receive an additional $8,867,515 in grant funds to pay for 80 percent of the total $11,084,393 remaining costs of Phase II rehabilitation work on the Madison to Milton, Wisconsin rail line in Dane and Rock County.

Waukesha Track Rehabilitation: The Wisconsin & Southern Railroad (WSOR) will receive a grant of $1,454,594 to cover 80 percent of the $1,818,243 total cost of rehabilitate 1.8 miles of rail line in the Waukesha area. DOT Report

Add up the grants. Somewhere around 14 MILLION. Now. that is what I call a sound investment return.

Lucht’s attorney could not be reached late Friday.

Rose Ann Dieck is a GOP zealot with a capital “Z”

Dieck is a former teacher who is listed as the chairwoman of the southwest suburban branch of the Milwaukee County Republican Party. Records show she invoked the Fifth Amendment during the John Doe, and the judge issued an order granting her immunity on Dec. 21.
She also provided a helping hand to state Sen. Alberta Darling, a River Hills Republican, during her recall election.

“They’re taking away the rights of those who voted for change,” Dieck said during an interview with WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) during March protests at Stone’s campaign office. “There was an election on Nov. 2. The people in the state of Wisconsin said we need change.”

Dieck’s attorney also was not available Friday afternoon.


The Tale of Two Scott Walkers – Trapped in Deceit

Walker’s most unforgivable deceit was his campaign

Most of us came to know the Scot Walker #1 when he was running for Governor. Many of us watched the debates with pricked ears to get some idea of his agenda for Wisconsin, and we knew he was opposed to the Obama fast rail proposal, we knew of his plans to cut the state budget, yet the most controversial action to end collective bargaining was not mentioned by Walker #1.

Walker #2 didn’t suddenly arrive at the plan to end collective bargaining on the day he took office, he knew of the plan and the far reaching impact all along. He thought of it as “the bomb”, and as you will read below, he was already orchestrating security plans for the protests that he knew would result as a reaction. But this was campaign time. He had to gain power first. His lips were sealed like someone with a history of wife beating who is engaged to be married and who isn’t about to let his partner know till after the wedding.

He’ll say anything to get elected

In our 20/20 hindsight the add run by Tom Barrett rings with a resounding and reverberating truth that echoes in mult-decibels above the volume of it’s original debut. It was one of our first alerts to the presence of Walker #2, who was laying and lying in wait in the dark shadow of deceit that followed Walker #1.

An early introduction to Walker #2

Ouch~ that message rings so true that it hurts. Unfortunately, Barrett didn’t get a leaked email, or snippet of conversation from Walker #2 and his real plan. If only he had and we had known of the plan to end collective bargaining before the election, Barrett would be the Governor.

Walker #1 is sworn in. Walker #2 emerges.

Just a month after Walker #1 becomes Governor a grand dinner is held at the mansion, when Walker #2 will sit at the head of the table before the exclusive audience of his cabinet- Oh! Plus just one other person: Cynthia Archer.

The voice and nature of #2 was first revealed to the voting public by mistake, he thought he was speaking to David Koch in a private conversation when he said:

This is an exciting time. This is — you know, I told my cabinet, I had a dinner the Sunday, or excuse me, the Monday right after the 6th. Came home from the Super Bowl where the Packers won, and that Monday night I had all of my cabinet over to the residence for dinner. Talked about what we were gonna do, how we were gonna do it. We’d already kinda built plans up, but it was kind of the last hurrah before we dropped the bomb. And I stood up and I pulled out a picture of Ronald Reagan, and I said, you know, this may seem a little melodramatic, but 30 years ago, Ronald Reagan, whose 100th birthday we just celebrated the day before, had one of the most defining moments of his political career, not just his presidency, when he fired the air-traffic controllers. And, uh, I said, to me that moment was more important than just for labor relations or even the federal budget, that was the first crack in the Berlin Wall and the fall of Communism because from that point forward, the Soviets and the Communists knew that Ronald Reagan wasn’t a pushover. And, uh, I said this may not have as broad of world implications, but in Wisconsin’s history — little did I know how big it would be nationally — in Wisconsin’s history, I said this is our moment, this is our time to change the course of history. And this is why it’s so important that they were all there.

Walker #1 continued to appear before the public making statements to continue to cover for #2, saying that curtailing collective bargaining was an imperative to balancing the budget. Of course, this just was not true, truth was never a concern for #1. Then came the inevitable day when Walker #1 and #2 actually met, and where, of all places but the Congressional Hearings, testifying under oath before Dennis Kucinich:

Walker #1 meets Walker #2

“How much money does it save Gov. Walker?” Kucinich demanded. “Just answer the question.”

“It doesn’t save any,” Walker said.

“That’s right. It obviously had no effect on the state budget,” Kucinich replied.

Kucinich said it was clear the attack on collective bargaining rights was a choice and not a fiscal issue. “It’s a political issue,” he said.

As the John Doe Walkergate investigation continues Walker #1 and #2 slam into one another with each new day.

Why is it so difficult for zealots to understand that the truth and deceit must meet. If not today or tomorrow, then next month or next year? A wife beating man can hold back the truth from his fiance until after the wedding, but the beating and the consequences are sure to appear. A campaign can be run with “a bomb” of a hidden agenda, but the day will come when the truth will out. For the Walkers it is coming down now. The two Scott Walkers are holding on to their opposing gates for dear life, but they must inevitably slam, one into the other.

Of course the Walkergate investigation “has legs”

Irony is the king of human foibles. While investigative reporters are working to uncover the mysteries of the John Doe Walkergate investigation to feed an insatiable public, the Walkers are having a gala croquet benefit on the lawn of the mansion for what reason? To raise funds for it renovation? Ok. Wonder which Walker won?

People at PR Watch were too busy to hit balls through metal hoops but did manage to dig up a few telling emails that prove the dissociation of the two Walkers. The emails prove that the campaign of Walker #1 was a lie and that Walker #2 held a hidden agenda for the “a bomb” for workers, including plans to call out the National Guard, that was not business of the voting public.

The Center for Media and Democracy has a number of Archer emails from an open records request to the Walker administration earlier in the year. The emails are from the critical week of February 7, 2011. The collective bargaining bill, which sparked massive protests and recall elections for eight Wisconsin Senators, was introduced on Friday, February 11, 2011.

Archer’s Emails

PREPPING DAMAGING TALKING POINTS: The emails reveal numerous instances where Archer and her team gathered data to prep. talking points for the governor. For instance, on February 10, the day before bill introduction, Archer asked DOA staff (pdf) to dig up “the top three union overtime people – what their annual salary is and what it is after overtime” so that the governor’s remarks and talking points could include jabs attacking “overpaid” state workers. Not surprisingly, the list that was produced included nurses at institutions such as correctional facilities and mental health facilities, as well prison guards and officers. High turnover and understaffing at these institutions is a chronic problem.

CLOSING THE DOORS: The improperly redacted language mentioned above is revealed in a later email pdf when Keith Gilkes forwards Archer’s original email to Brigadier General Donald Dunbar of the Wisconsin National Guard, asking him to attend the meeting. The redaction reads: “We have talked about external building security for employees entering and exiting our buildings. If the situation warrants, you should be prepared to limit the number of entrances and exits you have open in your buildings. In the event you experience problems (unruly picket lines, harassment of incoming employees, blockage of your entrances,) you should call 911. We will rely on local law enforcement to assist us.” The DOA’s decision to lock down the capitol and limit access for months after the protests is still being litigated in court. Dunbar was recently promoted to Major General by Walker.

Read more

The emails reveal an administration well aware that by introducing the collective bargaining bill they would be “dropping a bomb” in the state. Archer, along with a few key political personnel, was deeply involved with preparing the governor’s union-busting policy and organizing the “contingency planning” for protests and other actions. The emails also reveal how important a role Archer played in the administration.

The Latest Crashing Gates

Today, news broke that the Walker administration lawyers have petitioned the courts to withdraw an affidavit filed by Archer in a lawsuit brought by the unions against the collective bargaining bill. Apparently, Scott Walker no longer agrees with her sworn testimony or no longer has faith in one of his chief lieutenants.

Polonius to Laertes – Hamlet

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.

Ashamed the law is such a N'ass.

Headline a quote from George Chapman

“O that he were here to write me down a N’ass! But masters, remember that I am an ass: though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am a N’ass.”

Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing Act 4, Scene 2, lines 80-83

Lawmaker Steve Nass (WHITEwater) Wants Review Of Capitol Police Chief

Nass is calling on the state Department of Administration to investigate Tubbs’ actions during the protests.

Nass wants Chief Tubbs removed from his position if it’s found that he neglected his duty of keeping lawmakers safe. In this demonstration of his convoluted logic, he comes up with a connection about as provable as the string therory. Nass links an incident, where beer was poured on the head of (ALEC chairman) Robin Voss, to Chief Tubbs and the manner he handled the demonstrations at the Capitol over the past months. Makes perfect sense? According to Nass, it was obviously Tubb’s fault. He said protesters have continued to get away with more and more and now, he and his fellow Republican lawmakers are “on guard” at all times in and around the Capitol.

“The law is a N’ass — a idiot. If that’s the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience — by experience.”

Oliver Twist (Chapter 51).

Tubs is to blame

Nass said that while the number of protesters at the Capitol has dwindled since the spring, the aggressive nature of the protesters has escalated.

Nass said Tubbs is the person to blame for this increase in aggression because he’s gone out of his way to go easy on protesters occupying the Capitol for weeks earlier this year.

“What happened in February, had that activity been corralled immediately, we wouldn’t have the problems we have today with legislators being stalked, with nails thrown into a senator’s driveway and all the other dangerous activities that have been going on that I don’t believe would occur right now had effective law enforcement took place in the Capitol building last February,” Nass said.
Channel 1300 article

Partisan Empathy

Steve Nass demonstrates unusual empathy for his fellow GOP lawmakers, but never could quite get why people of color and, most directly, American Indians could be upset with the mascot names used in sports.

The Republican Party’s defender of Mascot Racism

Why is Nass saying these nass-ty things? He’s an activist racist, pushing a bill that not only reinstates the ability of schools to keep and create racist mascots, but it also voids all mascot changes since the law was enacted. Nothing like opening old wounds in a bizarre fight that defies explanation.

Since the law was enacted, the department received three complaints involving Osseo-Fairchild, Kewaunee and Mukwonago school districts, a spokesman from the state department said. Osseo-Fairchild and Mukwonago, both the Chieftains, were ordered to change the name, and the Kewaunee Indians dropped the nickname voluntarily, he said.
Nass’ bill could overturn those decisions. A provision in the proposal voids all orders handed down by the state superintendent.

Talk about picking the wrong fight, and aggressively making a public ass himself in the process. Voters must be proud of Rep. Steve Nass.

Tubbs Demonstrated New Model

Most of the evaluations of Chief Tubbs handling of the Capitol occupation and the mass protests of February and March, have been supportive and positive, and a model for establishing a rapport with organizers to prevent escalation of destruction and violence.

Most people would agree the crowds around the Capitol the past four weeks have been some of the nicest angry protesters ever to assemble.

There has been the occasional Hitler sign (knuckleheads), and some Republicans have received death threats. But for the most part, the crowds at the Capitol acquitted themselves nicely.

But you wouldn’t know that if you listened to some people. This week Sen. Ron Johnson characterized the protests as “mob rule and thuggery” and criticized the media for not covering that angle enough.

In RoJo’s defense, the protest did look a lot scarier on Fox News (which recently inserted footage of a violent confrontation at a rally in California during a live report on the protests in Madison).

Read more: cheif tubbs too soft

Steve Nass vs. the UW, “Part of the issue is we have foreign-born professors. Those professors say things.”

Vikki Kratz on Thursday 09/27/2007
Does he want to crush the university system, or is he just fighting for good public policy?

For someone who generates headlines by vigorously attacking the UW every chance he gets, state Rep. Steve Nass is a remarkably quiet man. During long conversations about the UW, the Republican lawmaker from Whitewater sits mostly silent, hands folded, nodding his head as his research assistant, Mike Mikalsen, does the talking.

Mikalsen, who has worked in the Legislature for 16 years, including 12 with Nass, behaves like Nass’ critics might expect him to. He sputters and growls and waves his arms. His tone ranges from mild disgust to infinite disdain as he describes the UW’s various transgressions.

He also makes more inflammatory comments than his boss. Explaining Nass’ 2005 push to make faculty follow codes of conduct, including not making “anti-American” statements, Mikalsen says, “Part of the issue is we have foreign-born professors. Those professors say things.”

Nass at one point acknowledges that Mikalsen dominates the conversation about the UW, explaining that legislators often don’t have time to delve too deeply into issues. “That’s just the nature of the beast,” he says. “So it’s essential that the Legislature has good staff.” Still, at times it seems as though Nass is playing second fiddle to his assistant.

Isthmus Daily Page

People who live in glass houses…

Judging from the history of this N’ass fellow, I would refrain from launching, yet another attack on a person of color.

Nickolaus Investigation Moves Forward

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus has been the subject of an on-going investigation since April.

Tim Verhoff, who was assigned to investigate Kathy Nickolaus has now completed his assignment and filed his recommendations with the Government Accountability Board.

Melissa Mulliken, manager for the Kloppenburg campaign, announced back in July that she had been notified by attorney Tim Verhoff that he was following up on the complaint she filed with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. His work is complete.The next step is for the GAB to take further action based on his report.

Six full months have passed since her press conference two days after the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election. Her “found” 14,000 votes in the City of Brookfeild excited national attention as one of the most bizarre turns in events in recent election history, and as a result, lead many to suspect foul play. Even though she apologized for the finding, calling it “human error”, the door was open for deep concern, suspicion, and demands for an immediate investigation. The GAB sent staff to Waukesha to investigate her vote tabulation process. Not long after that, the GAB itself was called into question since the board was alleged to have supplied her with unique software, not given to any other County Clerk in the State, to use for tabulating the vote, and of all things, on her personal lap top computer.

More than 10,000 concerned Wisconsin citizens called for a bipartisan investigation by Attorney General JB Van Hollen in less than 48 hours.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin (now candidate for Senator) wrote a letter to the Justice Department.

From letter to Justice Department – Eric Holder

“To ensure that the April 5 election for Wisconsin Supreme Court justice is free, fair and transparent, and to uphold faith in our democracy for ourselves and future generations, I ask for your immediate assistance in investigating these election inconsistencies in Wisconsin. Specifically, I urge you to immediately assign the Justice Department Public Integrity Section, which oversees the federal prosecution of election crimes, to investigate the questionable handling of vote records in Waukesha County, Wisconsin.”

As one of a handful of attorneys across the state of Wisconsin to be named to the prestigious “Rising Stars” award (originated by Law & Politics), Attorney Timothy R. (Tim) Verhoff defends people accused of crimes and drunk driving offenses.
Outstanding Record

Attorney Tim Verhoff began astounding people with his abilities during his secondary education, and graduated Summa Cum Laude, the highest recognition. His comprehension and quick-thinking skills were again recognized during his undergraduate degree from UW-Madison where he graduated Cum Laude, and once again affirmed when he earned his law degree and graduated with honors.

Attorney Verhoff began his legal career as an assistant district attorney for Dane County. In short order, he graduated from trying low-level shoplifting cases to trying very complex murder, sexual assault and felony battery cases.
criminal defense trial attorney

In January 2011, Attorney Verhoff left the Dane County Prosecutor’s Office to further his passion for protecting the rights of people charged with criminal offenses. He joined Attorney Corey Chirafisi, and together they formed Chirafisi & Verhoff, S.C.
outstanding results

As was true for Attorney Corey Chirafisi, who had also served as a prosecuting attorney prior to entering private practice, Attorney Verhoff possesses a very unique advantage in criminal cases: he has tried every level of criminal case from the other side of the courtroom and possesses a unique insight into the prosecution’s legal strategies and methods.
Felony & Misdemeanor Trial Litigation

Attorney Tim Verhoff brings to each case a tremendously vast and in-depth knowledge of criminal case work and trial experience from thousands of cases ranging in degree from low-level misdemeanors and drunk driving charges to very complex multiple-defendant high-level felony cases.

We Need Answers

Director Kevin Kennedy and the GAB are on notice; pubic confidence in the Election process has been severely shaken.

We just witnessed how the appointment of the Special Prosecutor” Bradley to bring light to the choking incident in the Chambers of the Wisconsin Supreme Court lead to nothing more than casting an even darker shadow over the actions of Justice Prosser, who just happens to be the beneficiary of the found vote by Kathy Nickolaus! The long list of questions, anomalies, and new proof of election fraud surrounding the Waukesha recount must be answered. A real special prosecutor must be appointed to examine the mountains of evidence that resulted from the the Waukesha recount.

* Nickolaus dismissed an independent audit commissioned over concerns there are massive security threats in her current system. Nickolaus, who maintains a secret system for keeping public voting data, condescendingly laughed off the audit, drawing an irate reaction from the Waukesha County Board chair.

* Nickolaus was an employee of the Assembly Republican Caucus when Prosser was the Republican Assembly speaker, and she was one of two database experts for Assembly Republicans, spending 13 years becoming one of the state’s leading partisan experts on manipulating voter data.

* Nickolaus was in charge of developing a computer program that “averaged the performance of Republicans in all statewide races for the previous eight years in each ward and then averaged that information for each city, township, county and district.

* Nickolaus waited over 24 hours after the time she claimed she discovered the vote change before publicly reporting it. Two conservative media members reported the change prior to Nickolaus’s late afternoon announcement.

* Nickolaus withheld critical information from the the Waukesha Board of Canvassers. One member says Nickolaus invited her to be at the press conference, but had not given her a full picture of the problem. Also, Nickolaus curiously demanded the canvass begin on Wednesday instead of Thursday, and that the problem with the more than 14,000 additional votes were never brought up at the Wednesday or Thursday canvass by Nickolaus.

*Nickolaus was responsible for the vote tabulation in a county

-where she tabulated the votes for the Supreme Court election on her personal laptop with little or no transparency.

-where she tabulated the vote on special software provided by the GAB or, as has come to light more recently, the Department of Administration, which is subject of its own John Doe investigation.

-where the vote bags were open and “winged”, slit open with a sharp instrument and repaired with duct tape, and the numbers on the seal on the bags did not match the report sheets.

-where a poll tape was discovered and counted that bore the date of March 30 or six days before the election.

-where all of the bags, poll tapes, and election materials of the recount where stored in her office throughout the entire recount process.

-where statistical analysis suggests impossible anomalies in the low return vote of Democrats who voted in the presidential election and, who would have needed to switch parties in in the Supreme Court Election for Prosser to win.

We need answers

Happy Activists Proving Election Fraud

Who would go up against the Koch Brothers and the Republican National Committee to protect your vote?

What is obvious to the citizenry of Wisconsin, translates into a hard sell for the media, legislature, and the Government Accountability Board (GAB)

Very short history

What started out as grassroots organization called Election Integrity on face book has morphed into, first Election Defense Alliance and finally, Wisconsin Counts. The grass roots for this growing movement in Wisconsin were cultivated by the blatantly obvious chain of problems in the vote tabulation of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election in Waukesha County, the most memorable of which, was the day County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus announced she had found 14,000 votes two days after the election.

I joined the Election Integrity (EI) group about the time Nickolaus made national headlines with her unprecedented discovery of votes that lead to the comfortable lead of Prosser over Kloppenburg for the seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The EI page was afire in those days with breaking news of a recount, the blow-by-blow of the Waukesha proceedings, and finally after all the work, the certification of the election for Prosser.

New Proof

In all the commotion of the Waukesha recount while observers were being castigated as intruders and personae non grata, many alarms and whistles went off when bags filled with votes were open at the top (winged), slit and duct tapped, and sealed with numbers that did not match Inspector’s Reports. It is this last “Inspector Report alarm”, that has become the new proof demonstrating election fraud was the force behind all other anomalies. It all boils down one short, fleeting moment in the days of the Waukesha recount.

The moment was being watched on a live stream feed and the messaging that accompanied the moment went as follows:

Jeannie Dean OMG…what’s happening?! Clerk is testifying that seal numbers she submitted AREN’T MATCHING the recount seals?!? Am I getting this right?!

May 2 at 11:38am ·

Jeannie Dean Um. There is really some *stunning* shit goin’ down in Waukesha, today…

May 2 at 11:59am ·

Sue Trace Is this all being documented by someone? Are Klop atty’s there?

May 2 at 12:00pm ·

Jeannie Dean HOLY…wtf? Can’t reconcile Genesee…HEAD’s UP! What’re the numbers like from Genesee, Richard / Karen / Dael?
Darcy Gustavsson And we’re getting EVERYTHING down in the record. So yes, that was the Town Clerk testifying that she checked the seal tag #’s against the Inspection Report when she put the bags into the vault on election night. And today, one bag presented for the recount didn’t match. No one is even surprised anymore.

Jeannie Dean Thank U, Darcy!! Great update. And thank u from the very bottom of my heart for the work you’re doing in Waukesha…I know how dry, tedious, and stressful these days can be. Great work, today. I can’t BELIEVE I can get the info in real time…thrilling to an election geek like me. Now go jump in a bubble bath! Or, whatever WI peeps do in springtime to relax.

Jeannie Dean Karen can explain it better than I can, but the math ‘tags’ that she finds in bad elections (usually) red-flag problem districts…that is, IF she can get total # of votes cast, and precinct by precinct (ward by ward) results, which is getting harder and harder to do. She (and others here) have to work VERY hard to track them…

Like anything obvious, you notice it first or last

When this all came down and the challenge was made to this glaring anomaly that the tag number on the bag did not match the Inspection Report, it was answered in the predictable language of the minutes; another human error was corrected. The Waukesha recount minutes stated that the numbers were corrected on the copy sent to the county (Kathy Nickolaus).

The observers where, once again, deflated when a obvious breach of the chain of custody of the vote was covered over and dismissed as another human error, another mistake. Read Waukesha Minutes excerpt That is how the observes missed the most blatant proof of election fraud as it slid across the table. The “copy” of the Inspection Report that was corrected was not a copy! It was a totally new and different documented that appears to have been created, altered, and substituted as a copy of the original. See Original and supposed “copy”

No “MISTAKE” about it

Open, slit, and duct taped bags might be placed in “some of the things that happen” category. Election nights are long and people make mistakes. They may error in labeling a bag or an inspection report, or even dozens of them. But how do you explain creating a whole new document to cover an incorrect marking? How does one mistakenly make a copy of this new document and pass if off as copy of the original document? The “it’s a mistake” and “human error” excuses just do not wash here. This is premeditated and intentional alteration of documents to cover up or alter information to a desired advantage. This is not a mistake or human error. This is fraud.

Support these Happy Activists of Wisconsin

Most of the observers of the Waukesha Recount and the poll watchers conducting exit polling for the recall elections are ordinary citizens. They pay for their own gas, print and copy forms, and give hours of time to protect your vote, educate election officials and voters to the dangers of electronic voting and attend legislative meetings to protect your vote. Somehow, they manage to smile and maintain being happy activists. They comitted their own funds to set up a Wisconsin Counts booth at the recent Fighting Bob Fest in Madison.

Help with Tax Deductable Donation

Check to EDA-WI IHCenter/EDA


PO box 207
Woodland Hills CA 91365

The group is in the process of acquiring a tax exempt status. If you can donate any amount and don’t care about a tax deduction donate on Wepay.

Donate on Wepay

Proof of Waukesha Election Fraud

Do you want to know what election fraud looks like? Read on and you will discover real evidence before your very eyes.

You remember during the recount of the Wisconsin Spring Supreme Court election there was a lot of talk and pictures of unsealed and winged election bags? a-hard-proof

Some bags appeared to have been slit with a sharp instrument were actually duct taped.Read “Duct Tape (Really?)”

Then there were the bags whose seal numbers did not match the numbers on the Inspectors Report. To protect the integrity of our elections your ballot is accounted for by numbering and recording where it goes, even after it is placed in bags. The bags are numbered and recorded on Inspector Reports. Whenever there is a discrepancy that points to an opportunity for a bag to be tampered with by adding or stuffing votes it is called a break in the chain of custody.

A host of these instances of  break in the chain of custody where apparent in Waukesha County.

votegangIn each instance the observers for Kloppenburg challenged each and every one. Why was nothing done? The Wisconsin statutes give complete control of the means and rules for counting the vote to the County Clerk, who was Kathy Nickolaus. Since, Nickolaus had dismissed herself from the count, the head authority was give to retired Judge Mawdsley(pictured top holding bag). In each case it was his judgment that the votes be counted and any challenges to be dealt with later. As you may remember Kloppenburg conceded, the vote was certified by the Government Accountability Board, and the challenges where never officially addressed. It seems none of the challenges rose to real proof and could be dismissed as human error or mistakes. There wasn’t real proof of election fraud.

Until now.

From the Minutes of the Waukesha Recount – Town of Genesse

The Clerk, Barabar Whitmore, was present and tesitified

The Kloppenburg representatives objected to counting …the bag tag and seal and label were different numbers than on the inspection report.The Board noted the the seal is 3165678, and the label and serial number is 3165678, but the inspector’s list is 3165679 = different number. It appears B. Hellman wrote a different number down.The Clerk addressed why the board has two copies of the statement with numbers on them. The second copy is somewhat incomplete, but does have a set of numbers that matches the ballot bags. The Clerk testifies that one is the original copy and one is a photo copy. The tag number and the voting number and the tamper evidence seal numbers were added to the copy. She thinks she made a copy for the town’s purposes, but did not make a copy of the back of one page that went to the County.


The ORIGINALaoriginal


The COPYaorigcopy



So, the testimony is that the COPY was Changed to include the correct numbers.
You, most likely, viewed the two forms above and see that one is a copy of the other with the numbers changed, just as the observers did? Take another closer look. Most obviously notice the circled word beneath the word “Town” in the original that SOMEHOW did not transfer to the “COPY”?

It is NOT a COPY
You can see that indeed the numbers are added to the “copy” as testified in the minutes of the Waukesha recount, but look carefully. The “copy” is not a copy at all. It is an entirely different document.

This is what Election Fraud looks like.

In the “Original” the town is not circled, and the date is written as April 5. In the “Copy” the town is circled and the date is written as April 5th. The “Copy” is not a “Copy” as all, but a completely different document that was testified as being a “Copy” of the “Original”.

This is undeniable PROOF of Waukesha Election Fraud

This is like me signing your check with your name and saying “I made mistake.” Someone composed an entirely new and different Inspection Report and it was presented, judged, and counted as a “copy”. This is hard proof of Fraud.