How I Will Steal the 2012 Election

My Name is Alec. It is too late to stop me.

Check the date on the “Model Legislation” I wrote.

Elections Task Force on July 17, 2009.
Approved by the ALEC Board of Directors on August 27, 2009.

I’ve been quietly and secretly at work to steal the 2012 election for two years.


This legislation requires any United States citizen[i] desiring to vote in a
state to provide proof of identity at the polls, outlines permissible
provisional ballots, and optionally[ii] provides for a free ID to those who do
not have a driver’s license.

You can read the rest if you like.

Model Legislation

But, why read the “model legislation” when you can read my law. It was just passed in your state. You see, the words are very nearly the same.

Yes. Way back when Governor Doyle and Fuss Feingold were in power, I was meeting in secret developing plans to take power in various state houses, like Wisconsin, to roll over you with legislation to suppress the vote. You must admit that it worked. My “model legislation” is now the law of the land in your state. The law is now on my side.

Wisconsin is Just Small Potatoes

About a dozen states are are actively considering legislation that would make voting much more difficult for college students, minorities, the elderly and the disabled. In some states, like Ohio, it is estimated that close to one million people would be affected by these changes. Read more about MY SUCCESS

Say it with me – “Close to a million”.

Reacting is Milking All Your Energies

You have just only discovered my plot to suppress the vote as article after article reveals my work of the past two years. Like this one:

ALEC’s efforts seem to be working. Out of the eight states that have legislators currently listed as members of the ALEC Public Safety and Elections task force, five are either considering or already have laws that were graded harmful to student voting. New Hampshire and Wisconsin, the two states currently considering the most extreme version of the law, both have ALEC members represented on the committees. And in Wisconsin, that member is Rep. Scott Suder (R-District 69), the state’s Majority Leader, who ushered the legislation through the Wisconsin State Assembly. That legislation includes provisions similar to the ALEC model legislation, which Campus Progress obtained from a source outside of ALEC. This copy shows that the model law was approved by the ALEC board of directors on Aug. 27, 2009.
Read more Reactive Dribble

Feingold Sealed the Deal

The one obstacle to my success in Wisconsin was Russ Feingold. His announcement not to run for any office in 2012 was as unexpected as it was the greatest relief since David Prosser “won” the Supreme Court Election and sealed the deal to end collective bargaining.

The law is on my side. Your most hoped for candidate has bowed out, and I am inhaling the sweet smoke of victory.

Sin Searly



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