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How does a top aid to the Governor avoid being pictured in a photo? And why?

Just yesterday around 9 a.m., a reporter saw four FBI agents – two of them wearing latex gloves – talking in Archer’s backyard before going into her house. Later, one removed a large box and put it in the trunk of an FBI car. They left about 10 a.m.

Archer recently left her job as Walker’s aid. Her departure coincides with a growing John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County, started last year after the disclosure that a Walker staffer at the county had posted political commentary on websites while on her job in the county executive’s office, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Why so secretive?
As a blogger I like to put a picture of the subject of a piece with the words. Normally you can find a picture of a government official by a simple search of google images. Not Cindy Archer who is a top aid to Walker. After hours of searches I was finally able to come up with just the one image of Cindy Archer (below right).

It is understandable that some people are more protective of their privacy and tune their face book settings and web presence to preserve that privacy. But how do you accomplish this when you are one of the top aides to the Governor of Wisconsin? It would take a concerted effort to keep all pictures of a person in such a position away from the the crawling search engines. Yet, Cindy Archer, was able to do just that. The absence of a web presence suggests a effort to remain covert, which leads to the question: Why? It might suggest her role in the Walker cadre was as a covert operative.

More Interesting Tidbits

Archer’s Garage Sale Computer

One of the more peculiar coincidences of yesterday’s search of Archer’s home was the discovery of her discarded computer.

The FBI also seized the hard drive from a computer that a neighbor had bought from Archer six to eight weeks ago at a garage sale.

Next-door neighbor Dale Riechers said he had never turned on the computer because he was planning to work on it later in the fall. He told the agents about the hard drive and they asked to take it, Riechers said. Read Article

So, the FBI stumbled on more evidence from, of all things, a garage sale transaction.

Funny Who Turns Up to Explain “John Doe”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Archer said she was “not involved in any way in the John Doe investigation.”

A John Doe is an investigation in which witnesses give testimony in a closed proceeding before a judge to determine if any laws were broken.

Local attorney Tim Verhoff, (pictured) who is not involved in the case, explained how the secret John Doe proceedings work.

“They call it a John Doe proceeding because sometimes the district attorney has an idea that a crime has likely been committed but may not know who all is involved,” said Verhoff. “So part of the John Doe is to determine who it is that the prosecution should be focusing on.”

The report doesn’t say why Attorney Tim Verhoff was the one who explained the meaning of a John Doe investigation, but it is interesting what his role is in the investigative climate that has pervaded Wisconsin since Walker became Governor. Verhoff is the attorney who was finally appointed by the Government Accountability Bureau to investigate Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus’ vote tabulation of the the Spring Supreme Court Election. Was he just standing around and available to explain things for us? Read July 13th post “Waukesha Investigation – News at Last

Strange Bedfellows

From what you know about Scott Walker and the people he surrounds himself with, would you ever imagine that one of his top aides could ever in a million years turn out to be an “out” lesbian?

I stopped by to snoop around Cynthia Archer’s place just on the odd chance that an FBI agent was still hanging around. I happened upon her neighbor Dale Riechers who was being interviewed by TMJ4 of Milwaukee and WKOW TV of Madison.

I became one of the circling media hoping to catch information to share with the salivating public. What I learned was that neighbors Dale and his partner Julie Rheault consider Cynthia Archer to be innocent until proven guilty. They see Cynthia and her girlfriend as great, helpful neighbors who even assisted Dale when he was weak after a surgery. I also learned that Cynthia is an “out” lesbian.

This business about her sexual orientation is relevant because Scott Walker is not only against gay marriage, he became the poster boy for a right wing anti-gay group. He put himself and his family in a matching sweater set and enlisted them to serve as the image for National Marriage Week for the right wing Christian group National Organization for Marriage.
Read Blue Cheddear Blog

Fast and Loose with Ethics. What is John Doe? Who is John Doe? Secret. On-going. Covert


A source told Wispolitics.com that the FBI was involved Wednesday for its expertise in computer analysis.


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