Walker / Biskupic – A Just Dessert

Two men with fast and loose ethics join to defy the idea that opposites attract

U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic Joined Michael Best & Friedrich LLP December 15, 2008 (pictured below – joined at the hip with Walker)

You already know the ethical void of the Walker administration, but wait until you get a peek at the attorney who is set to defend him. Biskupic has been described as “one who has lived in the amoral arms of the GOP for years”.

Walker getting the Micheal Best frequent flier Discount?

Biskupic comes to the Governor from Michael Best, a law firm that has already been the beneficiary of legal battles arising from miscalculations of policy decisions from collective bargaining to redistricting.

The Troupis Law Office and the firm of Michael Best & Friedrich, with partners who include Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, have received special counsel contracts from Walker paying up to $300 an hour along with legislative contracts worth up to $395 an hour.

So, Walker has bought a lot of candy from Best, maybe the lawyers can figure out how to work a deal for his litigation sweet tooth. Read Sexually Active Conjugal Machines post for more about the play between the Walker administion and Micheal Best Law Firm.

Honor Among Thieves

If it true that opposites attract, then the partnership of of Walker and Biskupic is working against the laws of physics. But then, of course, there is another adage that may well fit; “honor among thieves”?

Biskupic has disgraced the office of U.S. Attorney (2001-08) though his corrupt prosecutions of Georgia Thompson, Wisconsin Navy Veteran Keith Roberts, and alleged ‘Voter Fraud’ crimes that saw Biskupic use the U.S. Attorney’s office for the political purposes of the Bush-Cheney-Rove administration.

Read this description of his 2007 prosecution as a U.S. Attorney

There was a lot of buzz today about a corruption case in Wisconsin from last year. A Bush-appointed US Attorney indicted a government bureaucrat (state purchasing supervisor Georgia L. Thompson) in a case that implicated the state’s Democratic governor. But yesterday a circuit court threw out the conviction saying the evidence against the convicted official was “beyond thin.”

Indeed, the circuit court judges thought the case was so bogus that it’s hard not to ask whether the US Attorney in this case, Steven Biskupic, might not be one of those “loyal Bushies” who kept his job because he knew that one of his jobs was getting Republicans elected.

Read Article

Biskupic Debunks Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to give legs to the Bush Cheney depiction of veterans on the dole or “culture of trauma” as they claimed PTSD benefits.

The death of Airman Gary Holland on February 5, 1969 continues today to cause hardship and despair. Navy Veteran Kieth Roberts witnessed the death scene. His crime?

Roberts was for over a decade “tenaciously pursuing a claim for benefits” related to his actions at the death scene where he was on line duty at the same airbase as Holland

Roberts was convicted of five counts of wire fraud for receiving disability funds related to his diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

U.S. Atty Stephen Biskupic’s office convinced a jury that Holland and Roberts did not have a friendship, and Roberts who was on line duty at the base at the time of Holland’s death exaggerated his efforts to save Holland.

The truth is the VA just wanted to shut Roberts up and the VA found a useful tool in U.S. Atty Stephen Biskupic who was willing to the do the administration’s dirty work that demeans veterans for seeking help with PTSD in this “culture of trauma,” that the Pentagon says is really just veterans’ “personality disorders” and lack of faith in God for veterans suffering after service.
<a href="http: Read Article in Uppity Wisconsin

In January 2005, the Republican Biskupic Former U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic’s office was a pioneer in attempting to “expose” vote fraud as a real threat. Guess what? He was stunningly unsuccessful.
He was a early pioneer in trying to make a case for the need for voter ID legislation that is now law in elven states.

In all, federal prosecutors indicted 14 individuals for either being a felon on probation or parole who voted in November 2004 or for voting twice in that contest. All but one of those charged with felonies were African-American, and all were Milwaukee residents.

In the end, the feds secured only five convictions. Two of those convicted were poll workers.

That’s a success rate of 36%. Federal prosecutors generally win better than nine out of 10.

Some of the voter fraud cases were lost at trial. Prosecutors dismissed others because the defendant apparently didn’t intend to break the law, had mental problems or completed a deferred prosecution deal.
Read JS online Article

The dynamic duo of Walker/Buskupic seem to pose a melodramatic villainy like “The Joker” or “Penguin” from the Batman episodes. If the line of history does indeed bend toward justice, then the chickens may just come home to roost.


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