Proof of Waukesha Election Fraud

Do you want to know what election fraud looks like? Read on and you will discover real evidence before your very eyes.

You remember during the recount of the Wisconsin Spring Supreme Court election there was a lot of talk and pictures of unsealed and winged election bags? a-hard-proof

Some bags appeared to have been slit with a sharp instrument were actually duct taped.Read “Duct Tape (Really?)”

Then there were the bags whose seal numbers did not match the numbers on the Inspectors Report. To protect the integrity of our elections your ballot is accounted for by numbering and recording where it goes, even after it is placed in bags. The bags are numbered and recorded on Inspector Reports. Whenever there is a discrepancy that points to an opportunity for a bag to be tampered with by adding or stuffing votes it is called a break in the chain of custody.

A host of these instances of  break in the chain of custody where apparent in Waukesha County.

votegangIn each instance the observers for Kloppenburg challenged each and every one. Why was nothing done? The Wisconsin statutes give complete control of the means and rules for counting the vote to the County Clerk, who was Kathy Nickolaus. Since, Nickolaus had dismissed herself from the count, the head authority was give to retired Judge Mawdsley(pictured top holding bag). In each case it was his judgment that the votes be counted and any challenges to be dealt with later. As you may remember Kloppenburg conceded, the vote was certified by the Government Accountability Board, and the challenges where never officially addressed. It seems none of the challenges rose to real proof and could be dismissed as human error or mistakes. There wasn’t real proof of election fraud.

Until now.

From the Minutes of the Waukesha Recount – Town of Genesse

The Clerk, Barabar Whitmore, was present and tesitified

The Kloppenburg representatives objected to counting …the bag tag and seal and label were different numbers than on the inspection report.The Board noted the the seal is 3165678, and the label and serial number is 3165678, but the inspector’s list is 3165679 = different number. It appears B. Hellman wrote a different number down.The Clerk addressed why the board has two copies of the statement with numbers on them. The second copy is somewhat incomplete, but does have a set of numbers that matches the ballot bags. The Clerk testifies that one is the original copy and one is a photo copy. The tag number and the voting number and the tamper evidence seal numbers were added to the copy. She thinks she made a copy for the town’s purposes, but did not make a copy of the back of one page that went to the County.


The ORIGINALaoriginal


The COPYaorigcopy



So, the testimony is that the COPY was Changed to include the correct numbers.
You, most likely, viewed the two forms above and see that one is a copy of the other with the numbers changed, just as the observers did? Take another closer look. Most obviously notice the circled word beneath the word “Town” in the original that SOMEHOW did not transfer to the “COPY”?

It is NOT a COPY
You can see that indeed the numbers are added to the “copy” as testified in the minutes of the Waukesha recount, but look carefully. The “copy” is not a copy at all. It is an entirely different document.

This is what Election Fraud looks like.

In the “Original” the town is not circled, and the date is written as April 5. In the “Copy” the town is circled and the date is written as April 5th. The “Copy” is not a “Copy” as all, but a completely different document that was testified as being a “Copy” of the “Original”.

This is undeniable PROOF of Waukesha Election Fraud

This is like me signing your check with your name and saying “I made mistake.” Someone composed an entirely new and different Inspection Report and it was presented, judged, and counted as a “copy”. This is hard proof of Fraud.


13 thoughts on “Proof of Waukesha Election Fraud

  1. Great work, but there’s even more inconsistencies with number size, word letter differences. Amazing stuff.

    I going to help get the word out. Again, like the work and blog.


  2. That is all fine and good, but election fraud isn’t election fraud until a judge says it’s election fraud, and the entire country wants to know why the DOJ has not done anything about the apparent continuing election fraud in Waukesha….


  3. If you examine the word “April” you’ll see the “p” is looped in one but not the other. Also, the flag on the “5” is pointing down rather than straight on “5th”. The smudge (scribbled out portion) has a different edge in one rather than the other. Placement of the words “Town” and “Genessee” is different from one “copy” to the next. Look at it. In the “copy” the word “Town is in the middle of the line whereas in the original it’s more to the left. Also, the word “Genessee” takes up the whole line in the copy but only part of the line in the original. I think you’re on to something here.


  4. Dated april 5 2011. one has the after the 5, the other does not. One has a tail on the l of the word april, the other does not. It appears that both were written by the same person but is no copy. These are two separate documents written at different time.


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  7. This needs to go directly to the FBI so send it along with the rest of the investigation they’ve got going on with the REST of Walker’s corrupt ridden Administration!!!! I don’t know if it will get that rat Prosser off the bench but it certainly can get be enough to get Nicklaus ousted once and for ALL?


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  10. Let me get this straight. If a liberal finds voter fraud it is a huge deal. When conservatives try to act to fix the problem it is voter discrimination. Wow hypocrites.


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