Nickolaus Investigation Moves Forward

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus has been the subject of an on-going investigation since April.

Tim Verhoff, who was assigned to investigate Kathy Nickolaus has now completed his assignment and filed his recommendations with the Government Accountability Board.

Melissa Mulliken, manager for the Kloppenburg campaign, announced back in July that she had been notified by attorney Tim Verhoff that he was following up on the complaint she filed with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. His work is complete.The next step is for the GAB to take further action based on his report.

Six full months have passed since her press conference two days after the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election. Her “found” 14,000 votes in the City of Brookfeild excited national attention as one of the most bizarre turns in events in recent election history, and as a result, lead many to suspect foul play. Even though she apologized for the finding, calling it “human error”, the door was open for deep concern, suspicion, and demands for an immediate investigation. The GAB sent staff to Waukesha to investigate her vote tabulation process. Not long after that, the GAB itself was called into question since the board was alleged to have supplied her with unique software, not given to any other County Clerk in the State, to use for tabulating the vote, and of all things, on her personal lap top computer.

More than 10,000 concerned Wisconsin citizens called for a bipartisan investigation by Attorney General JB Van Hollen in less than 48 hours.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin (now candidate for Senator) wrote a letter to the Justice Department.

From letter to Justice Department – Eric Holder

“To ensure that the April 5 election for Wisconsin Supreme Court justice is free, fair and transparent, and to uphold faith in our democracy for ourselves and future generations, I ask for your immediate assistance in investigating these election inconsistencies in Wisconsin. Specifically, I urge you to immediately assign the Justice Department Public Integrity Section, which oversees the federal prosecution of election crimes, to investigate the questionable handling of vote records in Waukesha County, Wisconsin.”

As one of a handful of attorneys across the state of Wisconsin to be named to the prestigious “Rising Stars” award (originated by Law & Politics), Attorney Timothy R. (Tim) Verhoff defends people accused of crimes and drunk driving offenses.
Outstanding Record

Attorney Tim Verhoff began astounding people with his abilities during his secondary education, and graduated Summa Cum Laude, the highest recognition. His comprehension and quick-thinking skills were again recognized during his undergraduate degree from UW-Madison where he graduated Cum Laude, and once again affirmed when he earned his law degree and graduated with honors.

Attorney Verhoff began his legal career as an assistant district attorney for Dane County. In short order, he graduated from trying low-level shoplifting cases to trying very complex murder, sexual assault and felony battery cases.
criminal defense trial attorney

In January 2011, Attorney Verhoff left the Dane County Prosecutor’s Office to further his passion for protecting the rights of people charged with criminal offenses. He joined Attorney Corey Chirafisi, and together they formed Chirafisi & Verhoff, S.C.
outstanding results

As was true for Attorney Corey Chirafisi, who had also served as a prosecuting attorney prior to entering private practice, Attorney Verhoff possesses a very unique advantage in criminal cases: he has tried every level of criminal case from the other side of the courtroom and possesses a unique insight into the prosecution’s legal strategies and methods.
Felony & Misdemeanor Trial Litigation

Attorney Tim Verhoff brings to each case a tremendously vast and in-depth knowledge of criminal case work and trial experience from thousands of cases ranging in degree from low-level misdemeanors and drunk driving charges to very complex multiple-defendant high-level felony cases.

We Need Answers

Director Kevin Kennedy and the GAB are on notice; pubic confidence in the Election process has been severely shaken.

We just witnessed how the appointment of the Special Prosecutor” Bradley to bring light to the choking incident in the Chambers of the Wisconsin Supreme Court lead to nothing more than casting an even darker shadow over the actions of Justice Prosser, who just happens to be the beneficiary of the found vote by Kathy Nickolaus! The long list of questions, anomalies, and new proof of election fraud surrounding the Waukesha recount must be answered. A real special prosecutor must be appointed to examine the mountains of evidence that resulted from the the Waukesha recount.

* Nickolaus dismissed an independent audit commissioned over concerns there are massive security threats in her current system. Nickolaus, who maintains a secret system for keeping public voting data, condescendingly laughed off the audit, drawing an irate reaction from the Waukesha County Board chair.

* Nickolaus was an employee of the Assembly Republican Caucus when Prosser was the Republican Assembly speaker, and she was one of two database experts for Assembly Republicans, spending 13 years becoming one of the state’s leading partisan experts on manipulating voter data.

* Nickolaus was in charge of developing a computer program that “averaged the performance of Republicans in all statewide races for the previous eight years in each ward and then averaged that information for each city, township, county and district.

* Nickolaus waited over 24 hours after the time she claimed she discovered the vote change before publicly reporting it. Two conservative media members reported the change prior to Nickolaus’s late afternoon announcement.

* Nickolaus withheld critical information from the the Waukesha Board of Canvassers. One member says Nickolaus invited her to be at the press conference, but had not given her a full picture of the problem. Also, Nickolaus curiously demanded the canvass begin on Wednesday instead of Thursday, and that the problem with the more than 14,000 additional votes were never brought up at the Wednesday or Thursday canvass by Nickolaus.

*Nickolaus was responsible for the vote tabulation in a county

-where she tabulated the votes for the Supreme Court election on her personal laptop with little or no transparency.

-where she tabulated the vote on special software provided by the GAB or, as has come to light more recently, the Department of Administration, which is subject of its own John Doe investigation.

-where the vote bags were open and “winged”, slit open with a sharp instrument and repaired with duct tape, and the numbers on the seal on the bags did not match the report sheets.

-where a poll tape was discovered and counted that bore the date of March 30 or six days before the election.

-where all of the bags, poll tapes, and election materials of the recount where stored in her office throughout the entire recount process.

-where statistical analysis suggests impossible anomalies in the low return vote of Democrats who voted in the presidential election and, who would have needed to switch parties in in the Supreme Court Election for Prosser to win.

We need answers


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