Ashamed the law is such a N'ass.

Headline a quote from George Chapman

“O that he were here to write me down a N’ass! But masters, remember that I am an ass: though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am a N’ass.”

Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing Act 4, Scene 2, lines 80-83

Lawmaker Steve Nass (WHITEwater) Wants Review Of Capitol Police Chief

Nass is calling on the state Department of Administration to investigate Tubbs’ actions during the protests.

Nass wants Chief Tubbs removed from his position if it’s found that he neglected his duty of keeping lawmakers safe. In this demonstration of his convoluted logic, he comes up with a connection about as provable as the string therory. Nass links an incident, where beer was poured on the head of (ALEC chairman) Robin Voss, to Chief Tubbs and the manner he handled the demonstrations at the Capitol over the past months. Makes perfect sense? According to Nass, it was obviously Tubb’s fault. He said protesters have continued to get away with more and more and now, he and his fellow Republican lawmakers are “on guard” at all times in and around the Capitol.

“The law is a N’ass — a idiot. If that’s the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience — by experience.”

Oliver Twist (Chapter 51).

Tubs is to blame

Nass said that while the number of protesters at the Capitol has dwindled since the spring, the aggressive nature of the protesters has escalated.

Nass said Tubbs is the person to blame for this increase in aggression because he’s gone out of his way to go easy on protesters occupying the Capitol for weeks earlier this year.

“What happened in February, had that activity been corralled immediately, we wouldn’t have the problems we have today with legislators being stalked, with nails thrown into a senator’s driveway and all the other dangerous activities that have been going on that I don’t believe would occur right now had effective law enforcement took place in the Capitol building last February,” Nass said.
Channel 1300 article

Partisan Empathy

Steve Nass demonstrates unusual empathy for his fellow GOP lawmakers, but never could quite get why people of color and, most directly, American Indians could be upset with the mascot names used in sports.

The Republican Party’s defender of Mascot Racism

Why is Nass saying these nass-ty things? He’s an activist racist, pushing a bill that not only reinstates the ability of schools to keep and create racist mascots, but it also voids all mascot changes since the law was enacted. Nothing like opening old wounds in a bizarre fight that defies explanation.

Since the law was enacted, the department received three complaints involving Osseo-Fairchild, Kewaunee and Mukwonago school districts, a spokesman from the state department said. Osseo-Fairchild and Mukwonago, both the Chieftains, were ordered to change the name, and the Kewaunee Indians dropped the nickname voluntarily, he said.
Nass’ bill could overturn those decisions. A provision in the proposal voids all orders handed down by the state superintendent.

Talk about picking the wrong fight, and aggressively making a public ass himself in the process. Voters must be proud of Rep. Steve Nass.

Tubbs Demonstrated New Model

Most of the evaluations of Chief Tubbs handling of the Capitol occupation and the mass protests of February and March, have been supportive and positive, and a model for establishing a rapport with organizers to prevent escalation of destruction and violence.

Most people would agree the crowds around the Capitol the past four weeks have been some of the nicest angry protesters ever to assemble.

There has been the occasional Hitler sign (knuckleheads), and some Republicans have received death threats. But for the most part, the crowds at the Capitol acquitted themselves nicely.

But you wouldn’t know that if you listened to some people. This week Sen. Ron Johnson characterized the protests as “mob rule and thuggery” and criticized the media for not covering that angle enough.

In RoJo’s defense, the protest did look a lot scarier on Fox News (which recently inserted footage of a violent confrontation at a rally in California during a live report on the protests in Madison).

Read more: cheif tubbs too soft

Steve Nass vs. the UW, “Part of the issue is we have foreign-born professors. Those professors say things.”

Vikki Kratz on Thursday 09/27/2007
Does he want to crush the university system, or is he just fighting for good public policy?

For someone who generates headlines by vigorously attacking the UW every chance he gets, state Rep. Steve Nass is a remarkably quiet man. During long conversations about the UW, the Republican lawmaker from Whitewater sits mostly silent, hands folded, nodding his head as his research assistant, Mike Mikalsen, does the talking.

Mikalsen, who has worked in the Legislature for 16 years, including 12 with Nass, behaves like Nass’ critics might expect him to. He sputters and growls and waves his arms. His tone ranges from mild disgust to infinite disdain as he describes the UW’s various transgressions.

He also makes more inflammatory comments than his boss. Explaining Nass’ 2005 push to make faculty follow codes of conduct, including not making “anti-American” statements, Mikalsen says, “Part of the issue is we have foreign-born professors. Those professors say things.”

Nass at one point acknowledges that Mikalsen dominates the conversation about the UW, explaining that legislators often don’t have time to delve too deeply into issues. “That’s just the nature of the beast,” he says. “So it’s essential that the Legislature has good staff.” Still, at times it seems as though Nass is playing second fiddle to his assistant.

Isthmus Daily Page

People who live in glass houses…

Judging from the history of this N’ass fellow, I would refrain from launching, yet another attack on a person of color.


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