Ron Johnson – Arrest Them!

Some 10-15 people were arrested while attempting to seek an audience with Senator Ron Johnson at his Milwaukee office earlier today.

A group of approximately 30-40 Milwaukee citizens had gathered outside Johnson’s office today to protest his vote against the American Jobs Act, which would cut the payroll tax and invest heavily in infrastructure, as well as extending unemployment benefits and providing significant financial aid to states.

Johnson did not see fit to allow a group of unemployed people to “seek audience” about his vote against the job bill. Perhaps, Johnson feels he has been elevated to the status of POPE?
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Johnson is attempting to climb the ladder

Last week, the fiscal conservative who espouses tea party principles — if not the label — announced he would seek the No. 5 leadership position in the Senate Republican hierarchy. As vice chairman of the Republican Conference, Johnson would have a hand in crafting and disseminating the party’s message.

Johnson said in a statement that seeking the position was consistent with the goals that drove him to run for the Senate.

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