Eagle Scout Walker waits for the next shoe to fall

Eagle Scout Walker waits for the next shoe to fall

In the meantime he expects the people of Wisconsin to trust him, after all, he was an eagle scout. Ok. Is this a Halloween trick? 1shoe dropJust like the trick of campaigning for governor without bothering to mention that his agenda was to include curtailing collective bargaining, concealed carry, and vote suppression laws? Just like the trick of bringing the legislative agenda of the fringe, right wing, organization ALEC to the tables of the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate, often in the dark of night with little advanced notice?

The very first word in the scout law is trustworthy. Eagle Scout Walker expects trust when he never revealed his real agenda before becoming governor. He expects trust when he claimed that an end to collective bargaining was imperative to balancing the budget, but when questioned under oath he admitted the collective bargaining issue had nothing to do with the budget.He expects trust when a John Doe investigation swirls around his top aides and campaign donors?

If you were an eagle scout, which is questionable, then it is just as likely that David Prosser was your Scout Master. Is this some Halloween trick?

Now that the Recall Walker is slated to begin in earnest on Nov. 15 at the same time a John Doe investigation seems to focus on the same victim, we are left to wonder who will get there first, and Walker plays the “eagle scout” card?

What are we to expect in the coming months for Eagle Scout Walker?

The Blue Cheddar blog spells it out masterfully:

Walker has also proven he does not have the self-restraint to stop digging when he finds himself in a hole, so expect more cheating from him during the upcoming signature-gathering period and the eventual recall election. Here are a few predictions:

Expect covert Walker operatives to collect recall signatures with the intention of shredding them. Thousands of people who sign will never have their names turned in to the legitimate recall committee. Similarly, fake petitions will be circulated tricking citizens into believing they have signed a recall petition.

Expect the filing of at least one police report alleging that criminals are going door to door pretending to be recall volunteers but robbing or injuring people when they open their doors. The “criminals” will never be found, but expect wide-spread media reports to result, which will scare citizens away from signing petitions.

Expect emails to circulate telling people that Democrats are going to keep track of people who refuse to sign so they can punish them later.

Expect at least one mysterious fire, electrical surge, or burglary at the offices of organizations coordinating the recall efforts.

Expect Walker’s allies to accuse recall organizers of cheating when they themselves are caught cheating.

Expect Walker’s Republican party to force a primary election by running a fake Democrat if the real Democrats have only one candidate.

Expect draconian and confusing new voting rules that will discourage minorities, college students, senior citizens, and disabled voters from voting in the recall election. Oh, wait, we already have that.
Eagle Scout Walker Prepared to Earn Election Fraud Merit Badge

Expect the Walker campaign, through one of their front groups, to distribute mailings that list the wrong date for the election. Expect those mailings to go to Milwaukee addresses in primarily African-American neighborhoods.

Expect Kathy Nickolaus to be the last county clerk to report her vote totals.

Expect the Milwaukee County District Attorney and/or the U.S. Justice Department to indict Walker and/or his top aides soon.

And if anyone has a photo of Scott Walker wearing his Boy Scout uniform, with the Eagle badge, I’d love to see it. He says he earned it, but knowing his habit of stretching the truth, it’s more likely that he punched a Girl Scout and stole her cookie money.

Blue Cheddar Blog


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