GOP Vote Asphyxiation Machine

The Walker administration is not just engaged in vote suppression. Suppression implies an action much more gentle than the the GOP attack on the voters of Wisconsin. What the GOP is imposing on a Wisconsin Citizen’s right to vote could be better tagged as Vote Asphyxiation.

The Wisconsin Voter ID law will cost 6 million dollars

The “Broke” state is prepared to spend millions of dollars on implementing the Voter ID law.
Meanwhile, 350,000 people are to be cut from Badger Care, and the University of Wisconsin is to be cut by over 30%. Does it follow that the Voter ID law was necessary since it commands such a high priority when Health and Higher Education is drastically cut?

Not according to the non-partisan League of Women Voters.

MADISON – A new legal challenge to the Wisconsin Voter ID Law is coming.

The League of Women Voters plans to file a lawsuit against Governor Scott Walker and GOP lawmakers, alleging the law is unconstitutional.

The requirements involved in the Voter ID Law are among the toughest in the nation.

That law goes into effect in 2012, but the League of Women Voters want to put an end to it now.

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske (appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court by Governor Tommy Thompson in 1993) this lawsuit does have merit.

“It’s certainly not a frivolous argument, and one of the reasons they are making those arguments is that under the federal Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court says basically the voter ID requirement is OK, so they have to make their argument under the Wisconsin Constitution,” explained Geske.

Geske believes, however, the suit will not go very far.

Wisconsin is now the 11th state to have approved legislation requiring ID at the polls.

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<a href=";? Read.00004% Vote Problem Gets 6 Million Fix

Vote Asphyxiation in Wisconsin

Who are the people in the state who are least likely to possess a driver’s license or photo ID that enables them to vote? The poor, people of color, disabled, and seniors. The quote below is from the DMV web site.

101 N. Main St. Municipal Building
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Open 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month Limited access for persons with a disability.

The site to get an ID required to vote is open two days per month, and what’s more, has “limited access for persons with a disability” – or people that happen to be of a group least likely to possess a driver’s license? Vote suppression?

Here comes the Asphyxiation. This Summer Walker proposed closing this site completely.(Including the Fort Atkinson site)

Gov. Scott Walker’s administration is working on finalizing a plan to close as many as 10 offices where people can obtain driver’s licenses in order to expand hours elsewhere and come into compliance with new requirements that voters show photo IDs at the polls.

One Democratic lawmaker said Friday it appeared the decisions were based on politics, with the department targeting offices for closure in Democratic areas and expanding hours for those in Republican districts.DMV X

Would Scott Walker really attempt such an obviously partisan maneuver to asphyxiate the Democratic vote? We are talking about a man who collected newspapers out of the garbage to suppress unfavorable stories when he was a student at Marquette. Would he have any cause to seek retribution from the people of Fort Atkinson?

Pictured left is a group that met Scott Walker on his trip to Fort Atkinson…Maybe so?

High Ranking Walker Officials Say…

High Ranking DOT Officials said the changes were based on economics, not politics. Well, then it must be true. After the initial uproar at the announcement of DMV office closing, the officials back peddled a bit.

Transportation Department executive assistant Reggie Newson denied that politics was behind the office closure plan, saying the decisions were being made based on what made the most economic sense.

“This has nothing to do with politics,” he said. “We’re trying to make sure that we can provide service in each county statewide efficiently.”
Department officials briefed lawmakers who represent areas affected by the closures this week. Newson said no final decisions have been made, but they plan to implement the changes starting in January.(Reggie pictured above “reflecting?”

Ok, Reggie, no final decisions have been made, but you plan to implement the changes? Sure, we get it. Thanks.

After being stung with criticism for their original plan to close 16 motor vehicle offices, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration shifted into reverse on and said it will keep all of them open under a reorganization plan. Will the flip flop yet again?

The new plan will add four new DMV offices in Viroqua, Alma, Fall Creek and Keshena and expand the number of hours all offices are open by 620 hours weekly or 32,000 more a year. The additions mean there will be 92 DMV offices across the state.

Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb said Thursday that while the new plan is more expensive, he believes the best overall course is to expand services.

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Walker has said he believes the law is constitutional and will survive any legal challenge.

Sixteen Democratic U.S. senators, including Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, asked the U.S. Justice Department last month to look into whether voting rights are being jeopardized in states with similar photo identification requirements.

The lawmakers expressed concern that millions of people without a government-issued ID, like older people, students, low-income voters and minorities, may be blocked from voting.

You can sign a petition to stop suppression and asphyxiation of the Wisconsin vote Democratic Governors Association

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