Post Fetal abortion is practiced daily in Wisconsin. It’s time to extend the pro-life vision for the protection of life past the point of conception and into the harsh reality of birth. The GOP, evangelicals, and faith groups will spare no measure to point out the injustice of ending the life of a fetus, but once that fetus becomes a real live and kicking baby, it is thrown out with the bath water.

Pro Life begins at conception – ENDS AT BIRTH

In Milwaukee, babies die every day. During their first year of life they die at a rate greater than all but six of the nation’s 53 largest cities. (Dennis Smith pictured left over empty cradle

In Milwaukee, babies die at rates associated with the Third World.

The number of infant deaths is staggering: 501 babies died in Wisconsin in 2008
That is more than three times the number of homicides, more than twice the number of drunken-driving deaths. In Milwaukee, the infant mortality rate for all children, regardless of race, exceeds that of Uruguay, Bosnia or Kuwait.

The factors that drive the leading causes of infant mortality also drive the leading causes of death, illness and disability for all of us.

The city Health Department on Monday is to release the 2010 Fetal Infant Mortality Review Report, based on an examination of all 499 infant deaths that occurred in Milwaukee from 2005 to 2008. In that time frame, for every 1,000 babies born, 11 died. “We have a public health crisis,” said Bevan K. Baker, Milwaukee’s commissioner of health. “We have moved beyond the tipping point.”
Read “For Milwaukees Children, an Early Grave” JS Online

How are Walker and Health Czar Dennis Smith facing this crisis?

They are seeking a waiver – a waiver to give insurance companies a viagra boost. In medical, political jargon the “waiver” is what’s known as the “medical loss ratio.” Wisconsin’s Commissioner of Insurance sent a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services requesting a change in a formula which largely determines insurer profits and the amount spent on patients. The request is to guess what? Lower the amount spent on patients, like the mother’s of new born babies.
Robert Kraig, executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin says allowing the state to go lower would not benefit consumers, “So insurance companies would be able to take more profit, more overhead and spend less on medical claims at a time when consumers across the state are struggling to afford skyrocketing health insurance premiums.”PREMIUMS, PROFITS AND PATIENT CARE

In case you were wondering what “Occupy Wall Street” and “We are the 99%” is all about – this is it.

The 1% in this example are the health insurance companies. The 99% are the dead and dying babies. The 1% is where the money is. The life expectancy rates for the U.S. were not published by the U.S. media, but by the BBC. Wonder why? The 1% are the insurance companies, Americans for Prosperity, and ALEC. The 99% are the mother’s, seniors, and families expected to accept cuts in Badger Care so the insurance companies can enjoy higher profits.

If the federal government doesn’t grant Wisconsin a waiver from the medical loss ratio, insurers which don’t spend at least 80 percent on patient care would have to give consumers refunds. If the waiver is not granted it will also save 350,000 people from being cut from Badger Care (many of the pregnant mothers).

You can take action

The We the People tool on the is intended to foster a focused and civil conversation about how the federal government should address a range of issues. Only petitions that reach a certain number of signatures, or “threshold,” within a given amount of time will generate an official response.

The current threshold is 25,000 signatures within 30 days.

We petition the Obama administration to:

Petition title:

Take action in Wisconsin against Secretary of Health Services, Dennis Smith’s request for a federal waiver.

The goal is 25,000 Signatures by November 28, 2011. The issue will be addressed by the administration and a response will be personally delivered to you via email.

Please use the sign and share options on the link below to alert your friends on face book and twitter to unacceptable infant mortality rates in Wisconsin that the requested waiver will serve to ignore.

Read and sign the petition

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