BANG – Barbiturate. Alcohol, Narcotic, Gun

Remember answering this type of question on tests?

Barbiturate, Alcohol, Narcotic, Gun – which word does not fit in this group?

The answer would be obvious to a 10 year old, but not to the Republican controlled Wisconsin Legislature. The concealed carry of a gun is now the law in Wisconsin. When you go into a bar and tempers flare from the flame of alcohol it is possible that the enraged drunk is carrying a gun. The only stipulation from preventing this drunk from carrying a gun was that he passed a background check. That’s it. What about the four hour training requirement? Nope. That would another one of those government regulations that Republicans find so inconvenient.

Madison — Those seeking permits to carry concealed weapons no longer need to show they had at least four hours of firearms training.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen wrote rules implementing the state’s new weapons law that set four hours as the minimum length of firearms training courses. But on Monday, his fellow Republicans on the Legislature’s Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules suspended the requirement for minimum hours.
Committee Suspends training period

Double Barrel Shot
From barrel one – here is another slip-of-the-hand, shell game, legislative trick. The GOP enacted a major change in legislation with a sweep of the pen in a committee. The pretense was that Walker and Attorney General Van Holen were concerned about requiring a four day training certificate before a person could get a permit to carry a concealed weapon legally. The issue was a subject in the press for days with arguments back and forth. The public was lead to believe that the training would, indeed, be a requirement. Then, with a stroke of a pen in a committee the rules are changed, and the GOP decided to error on the side of a risk of violence, just like that. – BANG!

They will no longer police the most flagrant examples of consistant viuolation of statutes, while invoking the power of the courts. – Fighting Bob La Follette

From barrel 2 – Gun violence has been escalating across the country. Now, Walker and the GOP have lead Wisconsin into creating the catalyst for an inevitable tragic new story. Now, we have guns in bars, the work place, and even in the Capitol itself. How can these GOP legislators forget past tragedies so quickly and ignore the lessons and headlines from former gun violence? Below is just one such tragedy – BANG!

City County Building Murders
January 15, 1988 – Madison, WI

Aaron Lindh entered the City-CountyBuilding from the Carroll Street entrance around 12:35 p.m. with a sawed-off .22 caliber Ruger rifle hidden under a long coat. Lindh had recently been evicted from the apartment. Three of his roommates had left a month earlier because he had fired a gun in the apartment several times. He spent time in Wales as a youth because of his uncontrollable behavior. He was apparently upset because he believed police weren’t doing enough to investigate burglaries at his apartment.
He shot and killed Eleanor Townsend in the county corporation counsel’s office then shot and injured Erik Erickson, who was paying a parking ticket on his lunch break in a sheriff’s office reception area. Then he ran down a hallway, exchanging gunfire with a sheriff’s deputy, and entered the coroner’s office, where he shot and killed the county coroner, Clyde “Bud” Chamberlain. As he left that office he was confronted by officers and shot by Sheriff’s Deputy Louis Molnar outside the ground floor cafeteria.

The change in the legislation to drop the requirement for training was passed 6-2, with all Republicans for it and all Democrats against it.

No need to be a prophet or a psychic to foretell the event when this decision will evolve a tragedy of gun violence when innocent people will die. The blood will be on the hands of the GOP members of the committee listed below.

Senator Vukmir (Co-Chair) GOP
Senator Leibham GOP
Senator Grothman GOP

Senator Taylor DEM
Senator Risser DEM

Representative Ott (Co-Chair) GOP
Representative LeMahieu GOP
Representative Kramer GOP

Representative Hebl DEM
Representative Kessler DEM


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