Walker Not in Kansas Anymore

THANK YOU Kansas workers led by the Wichita / Hutchinson Labor Federation and the Working Kansas Alliance

VICTORY! Fearing Mass Protest Governor Walker Cancels Wichita Visit – Kansans say “NO” to Walker’s radical brand of politics.

In the wake of mass protests of his attacks on working families in his home state, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has cancelled a high-priced Wichita fundraiser with Governor Brownback and RNC Chair Reince Priebus. Kansas says NO to Walker

Biggest News Since the Advance of the Russian Front.

This is a big deal indicating that more just might be going on “behind the curtain”. The Walker conservative icon has cracked shifting him from a rising star to a political liability. Only the Wizard knows of the workings behind the curtain in the Reince Priebus land of Oz, but we do know that tickets for the Kansas event with Governor Brownback were going for as high as $15,000. Just doing a little math reveals we have been spared a few running hours of “Wisconsin is Working” propaganda in the form of attack ads on teachers, unions, and working families. This all thanks to the great organization of the Wichita / Hutchinson Labor Federation and the Working Kansas Alliance who had buses ready to roll from all corners of Kansas.

Has the Approaching Tornado of John Doe Chased the Money Away?

Things have been fairly quiet on the John Doe front of late, thunderstorms can and will produce tornadoes at any time. Priebus and Brownback are privy to a lot more information about what might be swirling in the Walker’s threatening political upper atmosphere than many, and just might be taking the warning and staying close to the storm cellar. You just don’t cancel $15,000 a plate shin digs because of a few dark clouds.


Now, with the Walker recall signature canvass in the final countdown, we are gifted with another powerful reason to get to work. First the election results in the La Crosse 95th, Ohio, and Mississippi swung in favor of a rebirth of progressive activism, and now the people of Kansas have shooed Walker out of the state. In just three days it will be Wisconsin’s turn to say thank you by reawakening the spirit of a real Wisconsin Governor, Fighting Bob La Follette, and getting the Recall Walker movement DONE.

The patriotic citizenry of the country must take a stand to wealth to demand they conduct their business lawfully. That they shall no longer police the most flagrant examples of consistent violation of statutes while invoking the protection of courts. – Fighting Bob La Follette


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