MIC for Governor!

Mic is a brave and true patriot. He has been appearing at some of the most elegant and prestigious breakfasts and luncheons across the country and, unlike the President, has shown up in Wisconsin with his patriotic message of hope that will not be ignored by the press or relegated to the halls and restrooms of the State Capitol.

In a recent interview I asked Mic about his aggressive campaign for the working families of Wisconsin and he only replied with a quote from a speech delivered by Fighting Bob La Follette that was delivered on the steps of the nation’s Capitol in 1924,”Mere passive citizenship is not enough. Men must be aggressive for what is right to save government from men who are aggressive for what is wrong.”

Many people have taken exception to his aggressive tactics and he explained that his method of campaign is the only platform that is available. The public galleries of the legislature are heavily policed by the Wisconsin State Patrol and people are being arrested for merely holding up a sign or a picture.

He has abandoned working within the legislative bodies in Wisconsin, since any attempts at negotiation or discussion have been ignored by GOP Majority which marches in goose-step to Governor Walker. The GOP has even passed legislation to give Walker dictatorial control over any and all rules negotiated by the Legislature, the Government Accountability Board, or any other agency or body. It is Walker who has final approval of all the rules, of all the departments of state government all of the time.

Click on the picture right to learn how Scott Walker has taken control of all rules of government in Wisconsin.

The powers given to Walker by his majority GOP legislature are quite similar to those of historical dictators who have gone on to become leaders of regimes of who live in infamy.

The video below is a short documentation of three recent appearances by the brave patriot Mic Check.

Mike Check for Governor. Our last hope to be heard.


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