"Sour Grapes" Ruling Over turned – After Review

“A man who says what he means, and means what he says?” Kristi (someone)

The quote of support for Walker is from yet another one of the minuscule minority of teachers (mostly female and blond) who appear out of the darkness to tell us how they stand with Walker. This is the second of such messages of misinformation that is part of the 300,000 dollar media buy launched by…who knows? The soon to be recalled sociopathic governor claims that opposition to his agenda is largely from out of state special interests. How many times has he said this? Are we supposed to believe that the money $300,000 to broadcast these ads comes from the people of Wisconsin?

The adds are delivered on a first name basis. I mean, you don’t want to be too transparent. The latest one bears the tag of just “Kristi”

Kristi LaCroix, teaches in a Kenosha choice school and is a big time face book troll. Kenosha choice school site

You can email her to share your reaction to her words at”

A $300,000 video representing a hair thin slice of people involved with education in Wisconsin, begs for satire like “Recall – A GOOD Call.

The first add featured “Karin”
View satire video of Karin in post “A Teacher Speaks Out”.
Karin is identified as a school board member, and by her first name only. (A Google search finds that she is Karin Rajnicek, a member of the conservative Waukesha School Board, who was elected this past April.)

Karin Rajnicek
W220 S3864 Crestview Dr
Waukesha, WI 53189
(262) 574-7677 Email Address: krajnice@waukesha.k12.wi.us


4 thoughts on “"Sour Grapes" Ruling Over turned – After Review

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  2. Walker did the right thing. Unions had their place but got greedy and are destroying our country. Break them up! Stop the double dipping. Stop the ability for them to collect pensions at rtirement which could be at age 40. The private sector has taken bigpaycuts and pays for healthcare, so should public workers.


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